April 18, 2021

Downloads Seven Continents Song Songs

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A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.
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Song by Joanna and Matt Pace
Video animated by Steven Freebairn: http://www.freebreezy.com
Continent voices:
Asia & Europe: Matt Pace
Africa: Evette Dutton (https://evettedutton.com)
North America: Jessica Pace (https://www.TheHooverJam.com)
South America: Wesley Monahan (http://suitupsoldier.com)
Antarctica: Elena Dutton
Australia: the Cook kids
Title animation by Brenden Nelson: https://www.brendennelson.com

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The world is split up into continents, there are seven in all
And if you get the gist, we’re gonna make a list from biggest to small:

They are:
Asia, Africa, North and South America
Antarctica, Europe, and finally Australia
Asia, Africa, North and South America
Antarctica, Europe, and finally Australia

Hey! My name is Asia,
And more than half of the world lives here, but, whatever

And I am Africa, with desert for miles
And my Nile is the longest river

North America! Start down in Panama,
Wide open spaces, all the way to Canada

I’m South America with animals galore,
Where the rainforest grows ‘cause the rain really pours

I’m Antarctica, and I’m totally ice

And I’m Europe. You’re welcome…
For the pasta, pizza, waffles, and fries

I am Australia, some call me Oceania,
I got a lot of islands, too many to explain to ya

We are
Asia, Africa, North and South America
Antarctica, Europe, and finally Australia

Copyright © 2017 Hopscotch

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