Empty Words – A Poem

Empty Words – A Poem

Can words be empty,

As much as you say them.

Sometimes I believe you,

and sometimes you give me so much reason not to.

So sweet, and seemingly pure

Just for you to do exactly what you promised not to do.

I look at you with a pleading gaze

but you turn away from me without a second glance.

Even though you came back to me,

there is still that gaping hole

in the middle of my chest

I want desperately to fill

with your love

with your hugs

with your presence.

but how can i believe you?

How can I know the things you say aren’t just empty words?

How do I know it’s not just honey,

but the truth?

You’re too bright,

you’re needed from others.

I’m not.

You were the only one who seen me: my raw form, my dark soul, my lost heart.

You were the one who delve into the pit with me.

But it scared you, if only temporarily.

You fit into crowds with ease

People pull you away from me

Into a space I can’t reach into.

And yet I don’t want to stay away.

Just stay by my side,

even if it’s empty words.

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