Eon Rush is a New Game from Developers That Worked on Far Cry and Pokemon

Highlights A new game studio, Eon Rush, founded by veterans of popular game series like Pokemon and Far Cry, has announced their first game, an action RPG called Eon Rush. The game will have a focus on co-op PvE combat and competitive PvP, along with a time travel theme and a plot involving a time-consuming antagonist. Eon Rush aims to provide a unique experience for gamers by starting the game at its end-game state, catering to those who are tired of the early grind often seen in MMOs and RPGs. A playable demo will be available at Gamescom 2023.

A new game studio, which includes veterans of series like Pokemon and Far Cry, has announced its first game, the co-op action RPG dubbed Eon Rush. The studio, also named Eon Rush, was recently founded, and its team includes members with some impressive records. In addition to Pokemon and Far Cry, the past credits of other employees include the action series Watch Dogs, which ranks among the best stories in open-world Ubisoft games. Now, this group is putting its experience into developing a new PC gaming franchise.

Founded last year, Eon Rush Studios has been keeping a low profile so far. It has only just announced its first game and is remaining tight-lipped regarding details about the title or the studio itself. Based on information available on LinkedIn, the studio is relatively small and independent, currently comprised of no more than 50 employees. Further, while the team’s past includes lots of popular games for consoles, the developer appears focused on the PC gaming market for now.

Eon Rush, the game, will be an action RPG that emphasizes co-op PvE combat as well as competitive PvP in a setting that blends sci-fi and fantasy. Time travel will also be a central theme of the story, with a primary antagonist that literally eats time and a plot that will have players jumping to different eras in the timeline. This particular sci-fi trope is certainly nothing new with lots of great games that involve time travel, but Eon Rush is looking to innovate on the theme.

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Eon Rush is also being promoted as an experience for gamers that prefer to get right to the end-game action RPGs. From the beginning, Eon Rush will apparently feel more like an RPG at the end of a playthrough, after a character has been fully leveled up. So far the developer isn’t offering much information on how this will work in practice, but it should be intriguing for veterans of MMOs and RPGs who are tired of the early grind.

Fans who are eager for more details will soon be able to get a look at the game during Gamescom 2023 when a playable demo is on display. Gamescom 2023 has confirmed an exciting game for opening night in Black Myth: Wukong, and now another cool new title will also be making its debut to the public.

Host Geoff Keighley has told fans to moderate their Gamescom expectations but the reveal of gameplay for an interesting new game from an experienced team should be a cause for heightened anticipation among many. A blending of different genres and themes, combined with action and end-game style combat could attract players looking for something new. PC gaming fans will want to keep an eye out for news in the coming month.

Eon Rush is in development.

Source: IGN

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