Every Baldur’s Gate 3 spell confirmed so far

You might think that the Baldur’s Gate 3 spell list would be more modest than the tabletop D&D 5E list, given the challenges of implementing tabletop spells in a videogame. Not really: Larian has promised “over 600 player spells and sub-spells at launch.” That’s double the number of spells in Baldur’s Gate 2 with its expansion, and a fearsome number for any videogame or tabletop game. 

Below, I’ve listed the spells currently available in the Baldur’s Gate 3 early access version, which is just a small portion of that 600+ total. And below the early access spells, I’ve listed the higher-level spells Larian has teased for the full release, which again is just a small portion of the total.

The unofficial Baldur’s Gate wiki has details on the spells currently in the game, though they may be tweaked in the 1.0 release. For the spells we haven’t seen yet, their official D&D 5E rules can be found on D&D Beyond, but their game implementations will differ.

I plan to add more detail to this list when we’ve got the full game. For now, its purpose is simply to show the breadth of spellcasting options in Baldur’s Gate 3 so you can think about your future character, or quickly check to see if a certain favorite spell is or isn’t in the game.

One limiting factor is the character level cap of 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3, which limits us to 6th level spells and below. There are some pretty wild 6th level spells, though. Among those confirmed for the full game, which is out on August 3, are Banishing Smite, which can send an interplanar creature back to its plane for good, and Flesh to Stone, which does just what it says on the box.


Acid SplashBlade WardChill TouchDancing LightsEldritch BlastFire BoltFriendsGuidanceLightMage HandMinor IllusionPoison SprayProduce FlameRay of FrostResistanceSacred FlameShillelaghShocking GraspThaumaturgyThorn WhipTrue StrikeVicious MockerySelûne’s Dream (Unique to BG3, cast with an amulet)

1st Level Spells

Animal FriendshipArmour of AgathysArms of HadarBaneBlessBurning HandsCharm PersonChromatic OrbColour SprayCommandCompelled DuelCreate or Destroy WaterCure WoundsDisguise SelfDissonant WhispersDivine FavourEnsnaring Strike (Melee)Ensnaring Strike (Ranged)EntangleExpeditious RetreatFaerie FireFalse LifeFeather FallFind FamiliarFog CloudGoodberryGuiding BoltGreaseHail of ThornsHealing WordHellish RebukeHexHunter’s MarkInflict WoundsJumpLongstriderMage ArmourMagic MissileProtection from Evil and GoodRay of SicknessSanctuarySearing SmiteShield of FaithSleepSpeak with AnimalsTasha’s Hideous LaughterThunderous SmiteThunderwaveWitch BoltWrathful Smite

2nd Level Spells

AidBarkskinBlindnessBlurBranding SmiteCalm EmotionsCloud of DaggersCrown of MadnessDarknessDarkvisionDetect ThoughtsEnhance AbilityEnlarge/ReduceFlame BladeFlaming SphereHeat MetalHold PersonInvisibilityLesser RestorationMagic WeaponMelf’s Acid ArrowMirror ImageMisty StepMoonbeamPass Without TracePhantasmal ForcePrayer of HealingProtection from PoisonRay of EnfeeblementScorching RayShatterSilenceSpike GrowthWeb

3rd Level Spells

Animate DeadBeacon of HopeBestow CurseCall LightningCounterspellDaylightFearFeign DeathFireballFlyGaseous FormGlyph of WardingHasteHunger of HadarHypnotic PatternMass Healing WordPlant GrowthProtection from EnergyRemove CurseRevivifySleet StormSpeak with DeadSpirit GuardiansStinking CloudVampiric Touch

New spells in 1.0

Larian has confirmed 46 of the new spells coming in the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3. These higher level spells will be added to the existing list of 131 cantrips and spells in the Early Access version for a total of 177, but as mentioned, there are many more unannounced spells: “over 600 player spells and sub-spells,” according to Larian. That means we’re aware of less than one-third of the total number of spells in the RPG.

Banishing Smite Dispel Evil and Good Greater Restoration Planar Binding Globe of Invulnerability Dominate Person Hold Monster Otto’s Irresistible Dance Wall of Thorns Ice KnifeConjure BarrageCloudkillConjure ElementalInsect PlagueArcane GateHeroes’ FeastPlanar AllyElemental WeaponLightning ArrowTelekinesisDisintegrateFlesh to StoneWind WalkSeemingWarden of VitalitySunbeamBlinding SmiteCrusader’s MantleStaggering SmiteCone of ColdDestructive WaveFlame StrikeMass Cure WoundsWall of StoneBlade BarrierChain LightningOtiluke’s Freezing SphereWall of IceHealContagion (multiple effects)Circle of DeathCreate UndeadEyebite: AsleepEyebite: PanickedEyebite: SickenedHarm

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