Every Jennifer Lopez Album, Ranked

Every Jennifer Lopez Album, Ranked

Jennifer Lopez has become an empire. From her films to her music to her endorsement deals, she is everywhere. While Lopez got her start as an actress, she is perhaps best known for her music career. Her records have sold extremely well over the years and she turned out one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

So, it felt like no better time than now to rank J.Lo’s entire discography.

8. “Rebirth”

This album delivered the hit “Get Right,” which proved to be one of J.Lo’s best singles. The rest of the album, however, is filled with hits and misses. Highlights include “Step Into My World,” “Cherry Pie,” and “(Can’t Believe) This Is Me.” There are plenty of other songs, however, that feel like forgettable filler.

7. “A.K.A.”

“A.K.A.” was J.Lo’s most recent album. The set spawned the underrated single, “First Love,” as well as “I Luh Ya Papi.” With this album, Lopez expressed confidence and maturity. This was a grower, an album that got better with each listen. On this album, Lopez collaborated with Iggy Azalea, French Montana, and Pitbull.

6. “Como Ama una Mujer”

Even though Lopez has recorded several songs in Spanish over the years, this was her first full Spanish album. Lopez collaborated with her then-husband Marc Anthony and delivered some of her best work. Lopez sang beautifully on this record and her fans agreed, making it a hit in several Spanish-speaking countries. The song “¿Por qué te Marchas?” is a Spanish version of “(Can’t Believe) This Is Me” from her “Rebirth” album.

5. “J.Lo”

Lopez delivered some incredible dance hits on her sophomore effort. The title, she said, came from her fans (which included Heavy D, apparently). The nickname would stick and become her signature for the rest of her career. The album included the hit, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” as well as the “I’m Real (Murder Remix)” with Ja Rule. This album debuted at number one along with her movie, “The Wedding Planner,” in the same week. This made Lopez the first artist to achieve this feat.

4. “On The 6”

J.Lo’s debut album is a brilliant blend of pop, Latin, and R&B music. It was the perfect introduction to Lopez as an artist. From the killer first single, “If You Had My Love,” to the Gloria Estefan-penned, “Let’s Get Loud,” this album has one hit after another. There’s also the iconic, “Waiting For Tonight,” which became a huge dance smash and led to a killer remix by Hex Hector. The title of the album refers to the train Lopez took from her neighborhood in the Bronx to Manhattan.

3. “This Is Me… Then”

Lopez has called this her favorite album of her discography. It is heavily inspired by R&B music and contains a touch of hip-hop. The album was lyrically inspired mostly by her relationship with Ben Affleck. There was even a song originally titled “Perfect,” which Lopez changed to “Dear Ben.” Their engagement at the time received more attention than the music. It did produce the signature classic, “Jenny From The Block,” as well as her duet with LL Cool J, “All I Have.”

2. “Brave”

“Brave” is one of J.Lo’s best albums. The sad part is, not many people know about it. Talk about underrated! When the album was released, Lopez was pregnant with her twins and did little promotion. The first single, “Do It Well,” is also criminally underrated and should’ve been a much bigger hit. All-in-all, the album follows a theme of love and relationships. There’s a consistency and class to this album that make it a hidden gem.

1. “LOVE?”

“LOVE?” was a project Lopez teased for several years before its release. Originally intended to be a greatest hits album, Lopez decided to make a new studio album about her questions regarding love. Much of these questions came from a newfound understanding of love, which she said came from her newborn twins. The album features collaborations with RedOne, Pitbull, and Lady Gaga. It features some of her best material and is no doubt her strongest set of songs to date.

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