Everything You Need To Know About Counter Strike Global Offensive

Everything You Need To Know About Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that requires tactical shooting, teamwork, strategy and gunplay. When a player secures a kill within CSGO, using tactical opportunities, with materials such as grenades, effective communication and so on, the game flow really is unmatched. It is one of the reasons as to why it has a huge player base, and many gamers always keep coming back to it, even after a decade.

Within the CSGO gaming community, there has been the introduction of the new realm of CSGO gambling, which involves players gambling their skins and materials they gained from their gaming adventures. What this allows players to do is gain tokens, coins and even better skins to add to their tactical gaming pursuits. The industry has been listed as one of the most rapid growths in eSports and there is no sign of it slowing down yet. If you have not explored this niche, use the Referral code for CSGO Empire to start your gambling adventure.

Let’s Dig In

CSGO has been around for almost a decade, however the series of games has actually been available since 1999, outside of the online gaming phenomenon. Since the release of the game itself, there have been multiple competitive eSport competitions that have taken place all over the world. It has seen teams travel, with the hopes of defeating their opponents and stacking up the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money that is at stake. However, there are even pro players that have salaries for their consistent prize winnings from competitions, and sponsorship deals that are presented to them from tech-driven organisations.

Players battle it out with strategy and the materials that they happen to have under their years of experience playing the game. Skins within CSGO represent the different types of weapons that can be used, purchased and traded through the global skins Steam market. There are some rare skins that are of the elite in class, however they are firstly, extravagantly expensive, meaning not many can actually afford to purchase them. On average, the skins themselves average at around $50, with some collections coming out cheaper too, of course. It was in late 2016, that outside consumer products were developed to encourage CSGO players to trade and gamble skins within gambling sites and specialised CSGO casinos.

As the years have gone by, the player base of CSGO has massively increased, with the peak of its success being reported within 2018. Apparently at any given time, the game was reporting a total of 1.3 million players active all the same time. This was a huge leap from previous averages two years before that, which had player traffic of around 857,600 in total. Many believe that CSGO’s clever affiliate and marketing strategies are the reason for such a large increase in the player numbers. Now in 2021 player traffic boasts a further 1 million players every single month, hitting peaks of 1.5 during the seasonal promotions and game events hosted by the game.

As predicted by media reports such as Forbes, it is believed that CSGO is set to be even more popular than other eSports gaming outputs such as Valorant. With the pandemic putting traffic numbers at an all-time of 2.7 million, many CSGO gamers believe that CSGO is far from done. Other games in the market at the moment hold a disadvantage in terms of traffic and numbers, whereas CSGO already has amassed such a large coverage globally, in terms of its player base.

What are the CSGO game modes?

The primary game modes of CSGO are casually and competitively driven. Bomb defusal is used within competitively driven game modes. There are 15 rounds in which teams will progress, before switching sides. The first team to reach 16 rounds wins the map, which is timed too. The first round of each half is what is referred to as the pistol round, where players will have time to dispute their weapons, materials and trade for other more essential items. As the rounds progress, there are more opportunities to buy different rifles and materials. Each round has its own weaponry.

Outside of the bomb defusal mode, there is the hostage rescue game mode, which is considered less significantly interesting, even though players do participate in it too. This involves teams to rescue hostages from terrorists and extract them for their mission to be successful.

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