Exoprimal: All Game Modes, Explained

Capcom’s latest Exoprimal IP thrusts players into war games where they are tasked with surviving the onslaught of dinosaurs summoned by the AI, Leviathan. With ten different high-tech Exosuit options, players won’t be short of the right tools to lead their team to victory and ensure they live to see another day.

Exoprimal currently features two game modes, Dino Survival and Training. However, the game gets its variety from the wargames in Dino Survival mode, which are randomly chosen by Leviathan to test the Exopilots’ skills. With 11 different wargames currently in the pool for players to choose from, it’s worth becoming familiar with them as players progress through Exoprimal’s narrative.

Dinosaur Slaughter An image from Exoprimal's Dinosaur Cull War Game

The most common of the wargames players will encounter in Exoprimal, the objective of Dinosaur Cull is simple: defeat the indicated number of dinosaurs as quickly as possible to advance to the next round. The real challenge of this game mode is to develop a strategy according to which dinosaurs are summoned to the battlefield, in addition to reaching the dino quota before the opposing team.

The round will usually consist of one to three different types of dinosaurs, depending on how difficult the dinosaurs are to defeat and how far the player progresses through the game. While the game may feel simple and a bit repetitive at first, progressing through the game’s narrative will expand the pool of available enemies.

Dinosaur Chase An image from Exoprimal's Dinosaur Pursuit war game

The Dinosaur Pursuit game is self-explanatory, but it works a lot like a Dinosaur Cull quest. Players are introduced to a large dinosaur, such as a Triceratops or T. rex, and need to chase and kill it to advance to the next level.

Although the premise is quite simple, completing the task is not as easy as it seems. Escaping dinosaurs are joined by swarms of their smaller counterparts that serve to block access to the target. To win, players will need to get through swarms of Raptors and the like to complete their objective.

Data key security An in-game screenshot of the Data Key Security wargame in Exoprimal

This is usually the first final round of the wargame that players will be assigned. Data Key Security requires teams to escort a large data cube to its checkpoint and load the data it contains. To do this, players must walk alongside the cube while holding back dinosaurs and opponents.

Checkpoints for both players and their opponents are side by side, which means that a skirmish with the enemy team is inevitable. To gain an advantage, players can go on the offensive at any time and destroy the hostile cube, which will halt its progress while it is being repaired.

uplink control An image from Exoprimal's Uplink Control war game

Similar to the well-known Capture The Flag games of popular first- and third-person shooters, Uplink Control is concerned with maintaining control of most of the three bases located throughout the map. While controlling these uplink hubs, teams can transfer data in pursuit of victory. The first team to reach 100% data transfer will win the round.

This war game is a heavy PvP challenge. Players will need to withstand the onslaught of dinosaur hordes and enemy Ex-Racers. Given the variety of Exosuits available, players need to become accustomed to their suit’s strengths and limitations in order to adapt to the ever-changing battle situation before them.

omega charge An image from the Omega Charge wargame in Exoprimal

The Omega Charge game mode requires a single team member to take control of the Omega Hammer, charge its energy, and destroy the device impeding the squad’s progress. To charge the hammer enough to remove the barrier, teams will need to accumulate as many dead dinosaurs as possible.

For the initial rounds, this wargame functions as a PvE-type scenario. However, the final device that needs to be destroyed is shared between the two teams. This means that in order to win, players must survive the opposition long enough to land the winning blow at the final barrier.

Escort An image from Exoprimal's Escort war game

Like the Data Key Security wargame, the Escort game requires teams to accompany a non-player character as they carry out some investigations on behalf of Leviathan. The NPC is an Exofighter companion, but will not engage enemies or dinosaurs if it prevents them from carrying out their assigned tasks.

Players will need to walk alongside their comrades as they progress through their mission and ensure that the incoming dinosaur hordes do not harm the Exofighter. The only advantage is that the NPC is not fragile, so players just need to keep an eye on their health bar to know if they are in danger of losing the mission.

Energy Borrower An in-game screenshot of Exoprimal's Energy Taker game mode

Energy Taker has a distinctly different premise than other wargames in Exoprimal. This challenge tasks teams with acquiring the target number of Power Sources before an enemy team does. Energy is spread across the map and resets at intervals to provide more opportunities to claim the upper hand.

One point to note about the Energy Taker game is that energy can be stolen from opposing Exofighters when they are killed. Although players will not lose all stock, the loss of efforts will be penalized, and the penalty will likely end up in the enemy stock.

Vortex Sabotage An image from Exoprimal's Vortex Sabotage war game

Vortices are an integral part of the Exoprimal and are a headache for Exofighters as they are the source of the never-ending swarm of dinosaurs. In Vortex Sabotage, players will attempt to claim their planet back by destroying vortexes and stopping prehistoric monsters from bleeding.

To sabotage the vortexes, players first need to destroy the protective energy cylinders surrounding the device, which requires significant firepower. This will require teamwork, as some fighters will need to damage the device, while others will stop the dinosaurs from advancing.

VTOL Defense An in-game screenshot of the VTOL Defense game mode in Exoprimal

In this game mode, players will encounter a grounded out-of-service aircraft, which requires the team to work together to protect it. The vehicle has a health bar to monitor how well it is being guarded, with the round being lost if it reaches zero.

There are a myriad of strategies that players can employ. There are opportunities to stand on top of the VTOL and catch dinosaurs. However, there is also the possibility of being more aggressive and not waiting for the dinosaurs to arrive first. Whatever strategy the players employ, teamwork is essential.

defense area An image from the Area Defense war game in Exoprimal

The Area Defense game is identical in premise to the VTOL Defense challenge; however, players must protect a different type of target. Instead of an aircraft, teams are tasked with protecting a data point while staying close to it.

The main point of difference between this and VTOL is that winning Area Defense requires completing the indicated uplink. By staying in the indicated zone, the uplink is made faster and more players will increase the completion speed.

Neo T. Rex An in-game screenshot of the Neo T. rex wargame in Exoprimal

In addition to the final boss in Exoprimal, Neo T. Rex offers the most significant combat challenge in the game. Killing a Neo T. Rex is such a significant feat that it requires both teams to work together to overcome it. As an added challenge, this game mode comes with a restriction on the number of respawns allowed. The game is considered lost if the respawn counter reaches zero.

The Neo T. Rex is a much tougher challenge than its namesake and is capable of incredibly powerful abilities that need to be seen to be believed. To win, players will need to compete with the high powered dinosaur, a multitude of other dinosaurs that come to help, and the potential dangers that the Leviathan produces in the simulated environment.

Exoprimal is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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