4 Best Engines In F1 Manager 2023

Highlights In F1 Manager 2023, players take on the role of a team principal and make crucial decisions regarding engine suppliers for their cars, with each option having its own strengths and weaknesses. Renault offers a cheaper engine option with excellent fuel efficiency and thermal resistance but suffers from low gearbox durability, potentially leading to penalties. The Mercedes engine is the most balanced and reliable overall, with high thermal resistance, wear resistance, and gearbox durability, making it a top choice for any team in the game.

Frontier Developments’ F1 Manager 2023 puts players in the role of team principal, rather than driver, as they navigate the inevitable ups and downs of a Formula 1 season. Along with managing race and pit stop strategies, players will also be responsible for the development of the car, the training of the team, and the resolution of various complex dilemmas.

One of the first choices new Team Principles will need to make at the start of each season is which engine supplier to sign with. This decision will determine how powerful and reliable the car’s powertrain will be, which can be hugely important for the duration of the whole season. Issues in the engine department can be catastrophic as more often than not, making changes to the engine mid-way through a season is likely to result in penalties for drivers.

4 Renault F1 23 Optimization

Once a dominant force in the mid-2000s, Renault has progressively fallen behind in recent seasons and will represent the toughest engine choice for players to start out with in F1 Manager 2023. With that being said, the Renault Powertrain is not at such a considerable disadvantage that it will make winning races impossible – after all, the Renault-powered Alpine team is usually among the points scorers and has also registered both podiums and race wins in the last few years.

The Renault engine is the cheapest available option at $20,000,000, so depending on the chosen team’s budget, this may be a factor in selecting this engine since spare capital can be used to upgrade other aspects of the car. The Renault engine does boast the best Fuel Efficiency out of the available engines, which can be a great advantage when it comes to qualifying fuel weights and in-race strategies related to fuel consumption. The Renault powertrain also has solid Thermal Resistance, reducing the chances of engine overheating. In contrast to these strengths, the Renault engine has incredibly low gearbox durability, which can be costly since replacing gearbox components will likely result in a grid-drop penalty come race day.

3 Red Bull F1 2023

While the Red Bull engine may seem like the obvious go-to choice given the team’s back-to-back championship wins in 2021 and 2022, it is worth remembering that this is the same engine being used in the Alpha Tauri car as well. The Red Bull Powertrain is quite weak when it comes to durability and wear resistance, as well as in the crucial area of ERS, which players will utilize a lot during races.

Aside from durability issues, however, it is extraordinarily fast and boasts a maximum stat of 100% Power. Particularly excelling along straights and with the assistance of DRS, the Red Bull Powertrain does also possess decent Thermal Resistance of 94.75%, which will reduce the chances of overheating events, as well as solid Gearbox Durability of 70% – this is key since replacing a gearbox can also give the team grid-drop penalties during a race weekend. However, the Red Bull’s low ERS durability can present significant issues throughout a race, since this is one of the main tools in the arsenal of an F1 Manager player.

2 Ferrari F1 23 Physics

The Ferrari engine is a great choice for just about any team and offers a well-balanced and powerful overall powertrain. The Italian manufacturers have long been at the forefront of motorsport, and their latest engine ensures that teams equipped with it will be competitive no matter where they start from on the grid. While perhaps not as fast as the Red Bull or as well balanced as the Mercedes options, the Ferrari engine is still extremely good and perhaps offers a slight advantage over its rivals on grueling circuits such as Silverstone and Spa.

The main strengths of the Ferrari powertrain are its 70% ERS Durability, the highest of any team, which offers a huge advantage when managing drivers personally during races. A high Fuel Efficiency, Wear Resistance and Power Loss Threshold also make the Ferrari engine one of the more reliable options, with the chances of replacement parts needing to be manufactured being considerably lowered by these statistics. The main weakness of the Ferrari engine is its low Thermal Resistance, which can make it prone to overheating and may require drivers to slow their pace as a result.

1 Mercedes F1 23 amazon deal

The Mercedes engine is the best overall balanced engine available, and it should be no surprise given that, on the whole, the team has dominated Formula 1 for the best part of the last decade. As a supplier to both McLaren and Aston Martin, both of which have seen success this season with their Mercedes-powered packages, it is clear to see the advantage that this engine can provide, particularly when coupled with strong aerodynamic design and competent race strategy.

The Mercedes engine offers the highest Thermal Resistance of 100%, in addition to 82.75% Wear Resistance and 64% Gearbox durability. These stats make it by far the most reliable engine of the available choices, but the Mercedes offers a very strong 92.50% Fuel Efficiency and 59.50% ERS Durability – which is still the second highest after Ferrari. Overall, the combined features of this powertrain, as well as its cost of $22,000,000 undercutting the Ferrari option, make it the best available engine choice for just about any team in F1 Manager 2023.

F1 Manager 2023 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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