10 Best Young Drivers In F1 Manager 2023

Highlights F1 Manager 2023 allows players to sign and negotiate contracts with drivers from different categories, including F1, F2, and F3. Young drivers with high overall ratings, such as Richard Verschoor and Felipe Drugovich, are recommended signings for players looking to strengthen their team. Drivers like Logan Sargeant, Mick Schumacher, Theo Pourchaire, Oscar Piastri, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu, Lance Stroll, and Lando Norris also offer potential and can be valuable assets in the game.

While F1 Manager 2023 predominantly focuses on the workings of an entire F1 team, with players adopting the role of team principal – drivers are still just as important in this game as in any other racing game. In addition to two drivers for the cars on the grid, teams will also have a 3rd reserve driver who can help with testing and develop experience while working alongside the team.

Players can scout and choose from a number of other drivers across the F1, F2, and F3 categories. Signing a new driver will require players to enter into contract negotiations with them, so there is no guarantee that players will always be able to acquire the drivers they necessarily want. With that said, these young drivers hold the highest overall ratings in the game and should be on every player’s radar if they are looking to sign any additional drivers to their team.

10 Richard Verschoor F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Richard Verschoor

Dutch youngster Richard Verschoor is one of the better drivers in Formula 2 and certainly worth taking note of for any team principal. While his record may not seem the best on paper, he is a driver with solid race pace and consistency.

With an overall rating of 75 at 22 years of age, Verschoor certainly has some learning to do if he is to catch up with the likes of some other young talents, but he already holds a noteworthy experience advantage over many of his rival F2 drivers.

9 Felipe Drugovich F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Felipe Drugovich

Aston Martin’s reserve driver, Felipe Drugovich proved his talents throughout his junior career, culminating in an F2 World Championship victory in 2022. Now awaiting his shot at a Formula 2 seat, Drugovich is certainly worth a gamble given his combination of youth and talent.

Whether to be signed as a reserve driver or to take a seat on the grid, Drugovich should be on every player’s radar as one of the most promising young talents available on the driver market. The Brazilian has a solid overall rating of 75, and plenty of potential to improve in the future.

8 Logan Sargeant F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Logan Sargeant

American rookie Logan Sargeant was signed to Williams for the 2023 season, though with such a low-ranking car it is difficult to assess the true measure of his talents. Although regularly outscored by teammate Alex Albon, Sargeant is still just 22 years of age with a lot of potential for improvement.

The former Prema and Carlin driver had an impressive junior career, finishing 3rd overall in the 2020 F3 season and 4th in the 2022 F2 season. While Sargeant might not be at the top of everyone’s list of young talents to scout, he certainly should not be overlooked when considering new signings.

7 Mick Schumacher F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Mick Schumacher

Son of the legendary 7x World Champion Michael, Mick Schumacher was given a chance at Formula 1 already in 2021 and 2022. Unfortunately for him, it was with Haas, a struggling team going through a particularly bad period when the German was driving for them.

Still at just 24 years of age, Mick now operates as the reserve driver for Mercedes, though this does not mean that he cannot be signed to any alternative teams if a player should choose it. With previous F1 experience and a decorated junior record, Mick is a great choice and thoroughly deserving of a second chance at Formula 1 racing.

6 Theo Pourchaire F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Theo Pourchaire

Theo Pourchaire is one of the fastest talents players can hope to recruit from the Formula 2 series. The ART racer is consistently in the podium places of Formula 2, and simply waiting for the chance to graduate to the higher league of Formula 1.

Whether as a reserve or main driver, 19-year-old Pourchaire is a great choice for just about any team, and with many years lying ahead of him, there seems to be almost no limit to what players could develop him into given the significant amount of potential he possesses.

5 Oscar Piastri F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Oscar Piastri

Rookie Oscar Piastri is the latest addition to McLaren’s extensive list of drivers in the past, though it remains to be seen whether or not he will be remembered alongside the likes of greats such as Hamilton, Senna, Prost, and Lauda.

The Australian joined at a difficult time for the team, with a car not nearly capable of showing off his true potential. Nonetheless, Oscar has still managed to string together several impressive results and at just 22 years of age, there is still significant potential for growth in the future.

4 Yuki Tsunoda F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda is one of the most promising drivers to ascend through Red Bull’s F1 Academy. The Japanese driver has been in Formula 1 with Alpha Tauri since 2021 and has had some good performances to show for it.

At 23 years old, Yuki still has plenty of room for improvement and is still trying to find a measure of consistency, but there is little doubt that this will come in the future and that he could shine if presented with capable and competitive machinery to drive.

3 Zhou Guanyu F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Zhou Guanyu

Zhou Guanyu entered his rookie season in Formula 1 last year with relatively low expectations. Nonetheless, a series of impressive performances and points-scoring finishes at Alfa Romeo quickly captured the grid’s attention.

The Chinese driver has a solid overall rating of 81, which is impressive for his age of 24. With lots of potential to develop, particularly if given a more competitive car to race in, Zhou can prove to be an extremely valuable asset to have on any team in F1 Manager 2023.

2 Lance Stroll F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Lance Stroll

Although Lance Stroll may garner some negative attention for his stroppy attitude and being a “paid driver” with a significant financial advantage over some rivals, the young Canadian has proven himself worthy of a Formula 1 seat with multiple podiums across several different teams.

With several years of experience at Williams, Racing Point, and now Aston Martin, it may be hard to believe that Stroll is still just 24, and could be a fantastic asset to any of the top teams. With an overall rating of 83, Stroll ranks among some of the better drivers on the grid and still has lots of potential to improve.

1 Lando Norris F1 Manager 2023 Young Drivers Lando Norris

When it comes to young racing talents, they don’t come much better than Lando Norris. Although he has been a staple feature of the grid for several years now, it is hard to believe that he is still only 24 years old.

The McLaren driver has put in many impressive performances, even managing to score several podiums even though the team has been in something of a rut since the young Brit joined back in 2019. Norris has great pace and his years at McLaren have provided him with great experience to perform well at any team that should choose to sign him.

F1 Manager 2023 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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