Fae Farm: How To Access Pre-Order Content

It’s time to get cozy and explore Azoria in Fae Farm, Phoenix Labs’ new RPG. Players have been looking forward to its relaxing vibes and soundtrack for a long time. Now that it’s finally here, its most dedicated players will want to know how to get their hands on the exclusive bonuses included with their pre-order.

The items on offer all come under the wonderfully titled ‘Cozy Cabin Variety Pack,’ and give players some customization options for their character and farm. Some are available immediately, some are crafted, and all are a treat for players looking for maximum coziness. Here’s how to access them.

How To Access Fae Farm Pre-Order Content Fae Farm cozy cabin bonus pack in mailbox

Upon starting the game, players will be directed to their homestead by Azoria’s mayor. Those familiar with Stardew Valley will recognize the basic setup: the house has a mailbox close-by that NPCs will use to send quests and gifts to the player. As part of the tutorial, players will need to take a letter from the mailbox. This is where they can access their pre-order content via the letter titled ‘Cozy Cabin Variety Pack.’

Taking the items attached gives three cosmetics. They can be accessed by entering the nearby house and picking up the box on the floor to unlock the inventory. From there, opening the inventory screen and selecting ‘edit outfit’ will let players equip the casual cozy farmer outfit (clothes), the casual cozy cap (headwear), and straw (lower face accessory).

Character cosmetics aren’t the only thing players get, though. After the tutorial quests, which include clearing away some farm debris and meeting NPCs, players will officially complete Chapter 1. This unlocks a myriad of things (co-operative play included) but most importantly, it gives players full freedom to customize their house and farm. Craftable items included with the pre-order include:

Farmhouse Rug Farmhouse Flooring Farmhouse Wallpaper Log Bench Garden Birdhouse Animal Portrait

It’s important to note that, while some of the above are shown immediately in the construction menu catalog, others like the animal portrait and farmhouse flooring / wallpaper are only visible at various crafting stations that the player unlocks while progressing through the story. The materials they require are also locked until players have progressed enough to access the mines.

Fae Farm is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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