Fan Battle: Irene Vs Jisoo: Who’s The Prettiest Of All? Vote Here

Fan Battle: Irene Vs Jisoo: Who’s The Prettiest Of All? Vote Here

The battle of looking good and pretty is always there in K-Pop culture. Every artist over there is good in looks and has a great taste in fashion and outfits. Every female member is very much appreciated for their looks and fashion not only in Korea but in the whole world.

The top names are Irene and Jisoo when it comes to looking good and pretty. Irene is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actress. Her real name is Bae Joo-Hyun but is better known by her stage name. She is in the band named “Red Velvet” and she is even the leader of the group. She has a large fan following all around the globe and majorly because of her beautiful looks.

She is often seen wearing a long blazer and that too with a miniskirt. It has almost become a signature dress for her. She prefers to keep it simple and yet look fresh and beautiful. She is also seen in a maxi skirt and something should be there that is tucked in. She has over 8 million followers on Instagram.

Jisoo is another name that comes at the very top when talking about prettiness in K-Pop culture. Jisoo is part of the famous K-Pop all-girls band “Blackpink.” She always comes to mind the people when talking about looks and fashion. She is the vocalist in the group. She has over 45 million followers on Instagram and this is evident to say that she has a huge fan following not only in South Korea but in other parts as well.

Now it all comes to followers to decide who looks prettier among Irene and Jisoo?

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