“Fat Venus” is in trouble because of her dress

“Fat Venus” is in trouble because of her dress

Monday, March 15, 2021 05:00 AM (GMT+7)

After becoming the cover face of the men’s magazine Maxim, Park Min Jung was “harassed” by teenage fans for being too sexy.

For beautiful female streamers, being solicited and harassed by crazy fans right during a live livestream is no longer too strange such as: searching for home addresses, contact methods, or worse, terrible. Announced by anonymous donations or obscene, vulgar comments right on the chat channel.

After becoming the cover face of Maxim men’s magazine, a Korean beauty named Park Min Jung has become a hot name and continuously entered the top searches on social networks because she was “harassed by teenage fans”. “. It is known that Park Min Jung is a famous female streamer with a large fan base on Afreeca TV channel. Thanks to possessing a pretty face like a doll but with curves, eye-catching, even chubby, round, contrary to Korean beauty standards, Park Min Jung emerged as a social network phenomenon. and was favored by the online community with the title “The sexiest fat Venus in Afreeca TV”.

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After becoming the cover face of Maxim magazine, Park Min Jung has become a hot name and continuously entered the top searches on social networks because of being “harassed” by teenage fans.

Along with the above scandal, Park Min Jung’s photo book also quickly reached the top of the best-selling products when it was only 3 days old. Specifically, in the latest broadcast, the beauty of the Park family wore a bold outfit, revealing a beautiful S-shaped curve that made the chat room explode with comments and interactions from viewers. However, she lost interest and became angry and indignant immediately when a fan asked her about “adult”.

Park Min Jung took a picture of the above chat and announced that he would sue. Too surprised by the strong reactions of this beauty, the “rebellious” person apologized sincerely and sent her ID photo to Min Jung, making her “fire” because of the “disturbing” person. puppet” I’m a high school boy who hasn’t turned 18 yet.

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The beauty was extremely surprised because the person harassing her was a high school boy who was not yet 18 years old.

Harassed by victims posting sexy photos on MXH?

It is undeniable that 4.0 technology brings people countless benefits from social networks, but this is also where many potential dangers are hidden with the appearance of new types of criminals, especially online sexual harassment.

Besides a lot of criticisms and demanding strict punishment, right people are guilty of perverts, some opinions try to criticize the victims and say that today the Young girls often like to dress seductively, carefreely posting “half-closed half-open” photos on social networks, in order to attract attention, like sentences, view sentences, and stimulate the instincts of bad guys.

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Sexual harassment on social networks is becoming a burning problem in many countries, including Vietnam.

In response to the above, a female student expressed her resentment: “I don’t post pictures of clothes that are too short, too revealing on my personal page, but sometimes I still get harassed by a few strangers texting me. I panicked and confided in my mother but was scolded for wearing clothes. white shirt, thin and tight, is like inviting people to harass. Even when talking to friends, I get the same criticism. I still can’t understand why I’m the one being scared scared, unsafe, but condemned by everyone as my own fault?”

Recently, in an open letter sent to Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter, they frankly expressed their harsh opinions about women being sexually assaulted on social networks: “We use your platform not only to connect with friends, but to lead and make change. However, we are not safe. Every day we are harassed and abused. . The Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives more online, and so the risk of us being hacked is higher than ever.”

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Some people think that girls like to post sexy photos on social networks become a victim of sexual harassment.

Should women be proud of “being” harassed?

Most Asian men, including Vietnam, do not think that uncultured acts of flirting with women with obscene words about their bodies are sexual harassment, but simply teasing. joke, because the ancients have a saying “Make flowers for people to pick, make girls for people to tease”. Even many people think that women should feel proud because they have to be beautiful, how attractive they must be to “be” harassed.

However, many girls feel offended and constantly raise the point that between teasing and acts of sexual abuse towards women is the difference in how the other person perceives it.

In many countries such as Germany, USA, France, this issue has been included in specific legislation to address all acts of flirting, indecent comments, texting, and sending suggestive emails that embarrass women. do not want to receive ie harassment, sexual abuse, is considered a sex offender.

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50% of sexual assaults come from Facebook.

Recently, Plan International conducted a survey of 25,000 young women aged 15-25 years old in 22 countries such as the US, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Spain, Thailand, and South Korea. , China… on the issue of sexual “soliciting” on social networks shows that 50% of attacks come from Facebook, Instagram (23%), WhatsApp (14%), Snapchat (10%). Twitter (9%) and TikTok (6%).

Immediately, this organization called on the media to take action to prevent this crime and at the same time urged the governments of countries to quickly take measures to deal with online sexual harassment through The laws: “It’s time to put an end to this problem. Girls shouldn’t tolerate online behavior that could turn into a real-life crime,” Ms. Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen stressed. .

Source: http://danviet.vn/than-ve-nu-beo-gap-rac-roi-en-an-mac-5020211534585255.htm

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