Final Fantasy 14 releases funny Eorzean Aetherobics exercise video

Highlights Square Enix has released an exercise video called “Eorzean Aetherobics” for Final Fantasy 14 players, featuring easy-to-follow moves perfect for taking breaks from challenging games. Final Fantasy 14 is hosting a big physical event in July and players are anticipating new game content with hints about Patch 6.45 circulating online. The Eorzean Aetherobics Routine is a short, fun workout inspired by in-game emotes and was created in collaboration with a fitness company to motivate players to get moving and enjoy stretching. It can benefit players’ health and introduce exercise for beginners.

The team behind Square Enix’s MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 has just released an official workout video called “Eorzean Aetherobics” for their player base to follow along. The workout routine has several familiar, easy-to-follow moves, which is perfect for Final Fantasy 14 players who are about to get ready to play or want to take a break from playing challenging content.

There are many exciting things happening for Final Fantasy 14 and its community. A big physical event, the 2023 Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival, will take place in July, while in-game, players are likely looking forward to new content. In fact, hints and teasers about Patch 6.45 are already floating around online. Even with all these things going on, the MMORPG team still seems to have enough time to engage the player base with fun little initiatives like the Eorzean Aetherobics workout routine.

Recently, Final Fantasy 14 uploaded a short training video titled Eorzean Aetherobics to their official YouTube channel. The video is less than four minutes long and consists of stretches and movements based on the emotes available in the MMORPG. Some of these emotes are simple like “Stretch”, “Cheer Wave” and “Point”, but there are also more complicated emotes like “Cuff-a-Cur”, “Black Ranger Pose” and “Yol Dance”. Fans will likely like how most of the motion is captured in the game, but it also has a human component that players can easily follow.

An official blog post from the FF14 Community Team has also been published to explain the thought process behind Eorzean Aetherobics. The team’s goal was to “motivate” the players to move their bodies, and have them have fun and have fun while doing the stretches. This is probably why the moves were based on Final Fantasy 14 emotes rather than stereotypical drills. Players will also be happy to know that there is some science behind the creation of the routine, especially since the team collaborated with RENAISSANCE INC., a fitness company that operates sports clubs and programs in Japan.

Given the hours players dedicate to MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14, having a short but effective pre-game and post-game stretching routine can be beneficial for your health. While the Eorzean Aetherobics workout might not be as complicated or intensive as conventional ones, it’s still a great way to introduce exercise to beginners and might get them interested in maintaining their fitness in the future.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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