Final Fantasy 16: Eikon’s Underrated Abilities

Final Fantasy 16 is a massive experience that takes players on an epic journey through warring kingdoms, family betrayal and clashing cosmic forces. Currently breaking records in unit sales, Clive’s story has gripped fans around the world as he tries to protect the world, his family and his honor. Throughout the game, Clive will face powerful enemies called dominants who have the power of the divine beings of the world called Eikons.

With each victory Clive puts under his belt, he gains more power and additional abilities that players can use in combat. Each Eikon tree is filled with unique and powerful abilities suitable for various scenarios that will take place in the game world. While there are many skills that trigger an instant connection with players and prove incredibly useful when blasting your way through enemies, there are so many skills that are overlooked. Here are some of the most underrated abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

8 Pile Drive Final Fantasy 16 Ability Ramuh

There are many blunt abilities beyond the Ramuh Eikon tree, many of which hit from a distance and take some time to cast. The cast timing leaves an opening for Clive to be interrupted, especially by stronger enemies.

Pile Drive may not have overall damage potential, but it’s an ability more than adequate for smaller enemies and large numbers. Using the Pile Drive, Clive raises Ramuh’s spear above his head and slams it into the ground, creating a massive blast of lightning. This skill knocks back targets while dealing reasonable damage.

7 hypnotize final fantasy 16

There aren’t many abilities available in Final Fantasy 16 that bring Clive’s targets closer together, with the exception of Deadly Embrace. Mesmerize from the Shiva Eikon tree allows for an offensive ability that also keeps enemies in range for follow-up attacks.

Casting Mesmerize will cause Clive to fire multiple ice projectiles, damaging enemies and pulling them to his current location. Furthermore, Mesmerize can hit multiple enemies at once and reach overwhelming distance to rear casters or pack enemies.

6 Will O’The Wykes Final Fantasy 16_Will O The Wykes_Finisher

While pressing attack is the current combat meta of Final Fantasy 16, being able to deal damage when countering powerful marks or large mobs is essential. When a single blindside is all that’s needed to end a combo chain, having a defensive option that absorbs damage is highly useful.

Casting Will o’ the Wykes will summon multiple orbs of fire to orbit Clive, blocking incoming attacks and protecting him from damage. Using this is an excellent tool to ensure you maximize damage output.

5 Flames of Rebirth final-fantasy-16-phoenix-eikonic-abilities-flames-of-rebirth

Casting Flames of Rebirth, Clive embraces the Phoenix’s power and erupts in a smoldering pillar of flame, scorching enemies. Flames Of Rebirth is one of the Eikons’ ultimate abilities belonging to the Phoenix Eikon tree.

Flames of Rebirth can be a powerful combo finisher against a stunned or significantly reduce numbers when surrounded by enemies. However, this ability is useful because it’s another way for Clive to recover health while still on the offensive.

4 Air Blast final fantasy 16 skill eikon

The Aerial Blast skill belonging to the Garuda Eikon tree is perhaps one of the most beautiful skills in the game. Once cast, Clive summons a highly damaging tornado onto the battlefield that sweeps through enemies, dealing high-will damage.

Aerial Blast constricts the movement of all smaller enemies, making it impossible for them to escape the tornado. In addition, it allows Clive to cast other abilities during its duration and prepares enemies for aerial combos.

3 lightning rods ultimate fantasy lightning rod 16

The Lightning Rod is not an apparent advantage for surface combo damage, reminiscent of another ability from Shiva’s Rime. However, Lighting Rod summons an electrical arc onto the battlefield that shoots lightning at nearby enemies every time it is hit.

This skill can be incredibly strong when combined with the right skills like Ignition, Steel Dance, and even Wind Up from the Titan Eikon tree. With each hit, the electrical arc damages nearby enemies, piling damage into more damage, causing a stream of high numbers on enemy health bars.

2 Earth Fury final-fantasy-16_eikon-abilities

Earthen Fury is a very underused ability due to its area of ​​effect and long cast time. When activated, Clive harnesses Titan’s power and burrows deep into the ground, and raises a wave of earthly matter that heavily damages targets.

While initially very good for large numbers, the skill suffers against single target encounters. However, in situations with multiple attackers, paired with abilities like Impulse or Megaflare, Earthen Fury can be very useful.

1 satellite final fantasy 16

There are plenty of ranged abilities beyond the Bahamut Eikon tree that consistently damage enemies, freeing Clive to use other abilities or full frontal attacks. Satellite is similar to most abilities in the Bahamut tree, but it gives Clive more control, as he summons small orbs that fire projectiles of light at targets hit by Clive’s magic attacks.

At first glance, Satellite is not up to par with the other skills available, but given how often combos have the explosion magic target combo, Satellite will be more than beneficial, dealing above average damage.

Final Fantasy 16 is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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