Final Fantasy: Most Iconic Swords In The Entire Series

Highlights Final Fantasy games feature iconic swords that have become synonymous with the fantasy genre, such as Lightning’s Blazefire Saber and Cloud’s Buster Sword. Excalibur appears in almost every mainline Final Fantasy game, sometimes as an easter egg or equipped by specific characters like Terra, Edgar, Locke, and Celes. The Ultima Weapon is a legendary sword that possesses the highest attack power in Final Fantasy 7 and has earned its status as an iconic weapon among Final Fantasy veterans.

Despite all the Final Fantasy games having their own characters, settings, and gameplay mechanics, they are all still rooted in the fantasy genre at their core, and as so, each of them contains a few weapons that have become synonymous with that genre, with the most popular being swords.

Swords are actually not as widespread in theFinal Fantasy franchise as some might think, with many party members preferring to use other weapons like staffs, guns, or even a beachball in the case of Wakka, but it’s also true that when a sword does appear, it usually has a very striking design and aesthetic that helps it stand out. There are a few swords wielded by both the heroes and villains of this series that many fans would agree have cemented their status as being iconic, with some even re-appearing in future games due to their popularity.

8 Blazefire Saber Lighting Readying Her Blazefire Saber

Final Fantasy 13 may be one of the more divisive entries in the franchise, but there’s no doubt that the game also features plenty of extremely unique designs not only in terms of the characters but also the weapons. While Sazh’s duel-wield handguns and Hope’s multi-hit boomerang are certainly very cool, it’s really Lightning’s Blazefire Saber that steals the show here.

Balancing both physical and magic damage perfectly, the Blazefire Saber is the sword that most players will keep equipped to Lightning for an entire playthrough, especially since upgrading it into the Flamberge can make it devastatingly strong. The fact that it is a gunblade takes inspiration from Final Fantasy 8, but the small engravings and collapsible design scheme help it to stand out as an extremely memorable weapon for many fans.

7 Excalibur Zidane Acquiring The Excalibur

Appearing in the very first Final Fantasy game as the Knight’s Ultimate Weapon, Excalibur has made an appearance in nearly every single mainline game since then, where it can often be equipped to specific characters, such as in Final Fantasy 6 where Terra, Edgar, Locke, and Celes are able to use it.

However, this isn’t always the case as sometimes, Square Enix will include the sword as more of an easter egg that players can’t actually get their hands on. This is the case in Final Fantasy 7 where it can be seen for a brief moment during the Knights of the Round summon or even in Final Fantasy 8 where Gilgamesh can be seen wielding the mythical blade for himself.

6 Auron’s Katana Auron Resting His Katana On His Back

Many things about Auron make him seem intimidating at first glance including his facial scars and long-flowing red haori, but the one thing that undoubtedly strikes the most fear into his enemies is the giant katana he carries over his shoulder. While there’s barely any information given about the weapon throughout Final Fantasy 10, it’s still a very fitting sword for this mysterious character who is inspired by traditional Japanese samurai in terms of his clothing and fighting style.

Auron’s side of the Sphere Grid is primarily based around damage and defense, so while he might have fairly low accuracy, every swing of his katana is still guaranteed to cause a tremendous amount of damage, especially during his Bushido moves such as Shooting Star, where he will fling an enemy out of a battle with a single strike.

5 Brotherhood Tidus Holding Brotherhood

While Brotherhood is the sword used by Tidus for most of Final Fantasy 10, it was once wielded by Wakka’s brother Chappu, who decided to leave the sword behind to instead use Machina weapons used by the Al Bhed, which ultimately led to his death. The Brotherhood sword is emblematic of one of the biggest themes in the game, that being the conflict between modernity and religion, and considering Tidus is often credited as the one to open Wakka’s eyes and help him escape his blind faith, it has a very strong symbolic meaning within the story.

On top of all that, the sword also possesses an incredibly unique design, having a ripple-like effect on the blade which gives the impression that it’s entirely made out of water. Yuna will wield the Brotherhood for herself in Final Fantasy X-2 when equipped with the Warrior Dessphere, but the water effect has unfortunately been removed this time around.

4 Masamune Sephiroth Holding Masamune

The only thing that could rival the length of Sephiroth’s hair is his beloved sword, Masamune, which only he is capable of wielding in the lore. Throughout Final Fantasy 7, fans get little hints at just how devastating this sword is, such as during the flashback section where Sephiroth fights alongside Cloud. If the player inspects Masamune during this part of the game, they will see that it has six Materia slots, a 255 hit rate, and a staggering 99 attack power.

Sephiroth is seen using his Masamune in all Final Fantasy 7 spinoffs, along with Advent Children, and even during his encounter in Kingdom Hearts 2. The name is actually a reference to Masamune Okazaki, a legendary blacksmith who had a unique process of developing the body of a katana, and who would eventually become hired by the Kamakura Shogunate.

3 Revolver Squall Holding His Revolver Gunblade

The idea of a gunblade may not seem that out of the ordinary these days, but the game that really made them popular, and proved that they weren’t just an outlandish gimmick, was Final Fantasy 8 and Squall’s weapon of choice, the Revolver. As the name suggests, the sleek and stylish blade is fitted with a revolver chamber at the hilt which stores bullets that can be fired in-game if the player is precise with their timing.

In many ways, the Revolver is the primary icon of Final Fantasy 8 with it being one of the first things the player sees during the amazing intro, and even being displayed on the game over screen. Its unique design, paired with how much fun it is to use during battles, has made the Revolver so well-known that it can actually be found in two other mainline games, and even made an appearance on the cover of the Final Fantasy 8 Remaster.

2 Ultima Weapon Cloud Holding His Ultima Sword

The Ultima Weapon has appeared sporadically throughout the series, and in fact, many players don’t know that it was actually introduced in the very first Final Fantasy game, but it wasn’t until the seventh entry that the mythical weapon and the stories surrounding it really took on a life of their own.

Back in the late 90s, without any internet guides available, the Ultima Weapon was rumored to be an incredibly rare sword that Cloud could only acquire through some mysterious means, but it turns out it is his ultimate weapon that possesses the highest attack power in the game. The illuminating deep purple color that glows from the blade will change color depending on Cloud’s current HP, and the mystical design, mixed with how difficult it is to acquire, has earned it legendary status in the eyes of many Final Fantasy veterans.

1 Buster Sword Cloud Readying His Buster Sword For An Attack

Cloud’s Buster Sword plays an extremely important role in the story of Final Fantasy 7, and aside from its now iconic bulky and exaggerated design, it also acts as a reminder that Cloud might not be who he claims to be and that he is still holding onto the memories of his late friend Zach in more ways than one.

Throughout Cloud’s journey of coming to accept himself after his horrifying past, he clings onto the Buster Sword the whole time, desperately trying to convince himself that he is a Soldier, but when it’s finally time to face Sephiroth at the end of the game, it becomes symbolic of Cloud coming to terms with who he is, and how he’s come to accept the loss of his dear friend. The sword has become so iconic that it has even been referenced outside of video games, such as in TV shows like Adventure Time and the anime Gintama, with it becoming a staple of the Final Fantasy series, and arguably the most well-known sword in gaming history.

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