How Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is Full of Irony After the RUIN DLC

Highlights Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach RUIN brings back the horror and strategy that loyal fans of the series love, returning to its roots. Gregory’s story in the game is filled with chaos and destruction as he tries to escape the Mega Pizzaplex and uncover the truth. Cassie’s attachment to the animatronics leads her to take a different approach, helping and fixing them, but her fate differs from Gregory’s depending on the player’s choices in RUIN.

The amount of context and content that players get in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach RUIN is no doubt surprising. As fans waited for a year and a half for the free DLC expansion, it would have been hard to not only see the size of RUIN back then. The fact that it features an entirely new character who ended up revealing the full picture of the game’s story was exciting for players as it was, but as Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach RUIN returns the game to its more horrific and strategic roots, it’s a great return to form that many series loyalists felt at home with.

Security Breach stars Gregory, who decides to hide in the chest compartment of Glamrock Freddy to avoid detection by the security guard Vanessa, who he doesn’t trust. Gregory’s story ends with him going off the grid, as is made clear by how Security Breach’s RUIN expansion canonizes the Princess Quest ending. This leads to a new story that takes place where Gregory’s ends as one of his friends, Cassie, gets a message from him saying he’s trapped in the pizzeria. Even though Gregory and Cassie are friends, there’s an irony to how they handle their situations.

Gregory’s Story is Full of Ruin five-nights-at-freddys-security-breach-freddy-asking-gregory-where-he-got-chicas-voice-box

Gregory from the start of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is less focused on where he is and more about getting out. It’s understandable that all he wants is to get out of the Mega Pizzaplex as not only is Vanny after him, but he also reveals that he’s aware of at least the recent disappearances at the Mega Pizzaplex if not the greater mystery with Fazbear Entertainment as a whole. What starts as a gauntlet to help Gregory survive in the Pizzaplex until the doors open at 6 AM turns into a journey that sees Gregory leave tons of destruction in his wake.

Gregory and Freddy’s objective turns into trying to figure out just what’s happening with Vanny and to stop the disappearances at the Pizzaplex, and Montgomery Gator, Roxxane Wolf, and Glamrock Chica don’t make it out of the night in one piece. Gregory shows them no mercy and breaks them by using the help of their own attractions (or the kitchen in Chica’s case) to take their upgrades to Glamrock Freddy. Gregory doesn’t offer much care to Freddy at first, either, as he specifically lies to him regarding the fate of his friends to keep him on his side.

Cassie Shows Why the Game is Called Security Breach fnaf-security-breach-ruin-chica

While Gregory is able to solve the mystery and defeat Vanny, there aren’t many answers to what exactly was going on with her stated outright in the game. RUIN changes this by revealing that “Vanny” was an identity created by the Mimic, an extremely volatile animatronic that uses Vanny’s mask to communicate with someone neurologically, trying to escape by using Vanessa, and in RUIN, Cassie is tricked by the Mimic that she’s saving Gregory rather than one of Fazbear Entertainment’s best-kept secrets. The entire time, the Mimic was the titular breach in security.

However, unlike Gregory, Cassie is a fan of Glamrock Freddy and his band, with Roxy as her favorite character, and her father is a technician for Fazbear Entertainment. This gives Cassie an attachment Gregory never had, and it shows as she reacts to the state that the animatronics are in with shock and sadness, which culminates when Cassie has to deactivate Roxy.

With this attachment, Cassie takes a much different approach than Gregory did, opting to help out the ruined animatronics the best she can, such as combining Sundrop and Moondrop into Eclipse, and players can even fix Chica’s voice box if they wish. The two characters also sadly take different paths in terms of their fate as Gregory escapes safely after destroying the animatronics, and Cassie fixes them only to end up lost or even dead depending on how RUIN ends for the player.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach RUIN is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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