Fortnite: FNCS Community Cup Guide (Get FNCS Renegade Skin Early)

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The 2023 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is the game’s biggest competitive event of the year, so it gets special attention not only from the developers but also from fans. There are a lot of prizes on the line, and they can also be obtained from other events related to the FNCS, including themed Community Cups.

On August 13, Major 3 came to an end, so gamers have to wait until August 20 to watch the Last Chance Major. During this time, they can prep themselves by entering the Chapter 4 Season 3 FNCS Community Cup. This guide will explain everything players need to know about this Fortnite competition, including how to enter it and how they can win its awesome rewards.

Chapter 4 Season 3 FNCS Community Cup chapter 4 season 2 fncs series

The Chapter 4 Season 3 FNCS Community Cup will take place on August 14 across all regions. Players will only be able to play in the duos format with building enabled.

The event will last three hours, and during this time competitors can play a maximum of three games in order to try to accumulate as many points for their team as possible.

This competition is only available for gamers that have reached Bronze Rank or higher in the standard Battle Royale game mode.

The FNCS Community Cup will be live at different times – it depends on the player’s region. Gamers can check the competitive schedule for their region on the official Fortnite Competitive website or by visiting the in-game Compete tab.

FNCS Renegade Set Items fncs chapter 4 season 3 free items

Players can receive up to seven rewards by participating in this FNCS Community Cup. Everyone that receives eight points will have another opportunity to unlock the Raptor Rider spray, a cosmetic that had been available as a reward for watching the FNCS Major 3 Week 2 broadcast.

The best few teams will receive the FNCS Renegade cosmetic set, which includes the Good to Go wrap, the Not Without a Fight lobby track, the Star Jet harvesting tool, the Champion’s Rucksack back bling, and the FNCS Renegade skin, similar to the previously released Renegade Runner skin. On top of this, the number one duo team in each region will receive the Champion’s Celebration emote.

The FNCS Renegade cosmetic set will be available for the best placed duos, but the number of teams that will receive it differs according to the players’ region. Here is the number of duos that will receive this entire cosmetic set for free:

Oceania – 100 teams Asia – 250 teams Middle East – 100 teams Europe – 1,300 teams Brazil – 250 teams North America – 1,000 teams

Gamers that aren’t able to win this cosmetic set as a prize will have the opportunity to purchase it in the Item Shop at a later date.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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