Fortnite Leaks Indicate Several Mythic Weapons Might Return Next Season


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 will be heist-themed, with locked vaults containing rare weapons like the Drum Gun, hinting at a connection to Chapter 2 Season 2. Players need to finish up their business in Season 3 before it ends, as the Battle Pass will become inaccessible and everyone’s level and rank will reset for Season 4. The upcoming season will bring back several vaulted Mythic weapons, with fans speculating that breaking into these vaults will be necessary to acquire exclusive weapons like TNTina’s Ka-Boom Power.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 will be heist-themed, and there is evidence to believe that several known Mythic rarity weapons could be brought back to the game hidden inside locked vaults. Chapter 4 Season 3 will be over in a few days, so gamers need to make sure that they don’t leave behind any unfinished business before this Fortnite season comes to an end. Once Season 4 starts, Season 3’s Battle Pass will become inaccessible, the Break the Curse Jujutsu Kaisen event will end, and everyone’s level and rank will go back to square one.

As Chapter 4 Season 4’s release date gets closer and closer, more information has steadily been revealed. Epic Games managed to do a pretty good job this time around when it came to preventing season renewal leaks, and now Epic has started to unveil what’s to come. On August 20, the first season teaser was finally posted, and it confirmed that the upcoming season will be heist-themed, which several fans suspected after Fortnite added lasers to several social media profile pictures.

As devoted Fortnite fans started to analyze all the details revealed in the first teaser image, they noticed that it displayed a Drum Gun locked away in a high-security vault. Not only were they shocked to learn that the Drum Gun could be coming back, but they also started speculating exactly what this could mean. If players have to go out of their way to acquire this weapon, it must be extremely rare. This information, paired with the fact that several vaulted Mythic weapons are rumored to be brought back next season, suggests that fans will have to break into these vaults to get their hands on exclusive weapons, such as TNTina’s Ka-Boom Power.

There is no doubt that Chapter 4 Season 4 will have some sort of connection to Chapter 2 Season 2, the Top Secret Fortnite Season. During this time, players could engage in heists and take down several bosses on the Fortnite map in order to get their precious Mythic weapons.

It is possible that the Drum Gun that appears in the teaser could belong to the one and only Midas. Back in Chapter 2 Season 2, this extremely powerful weapon could only be obtained by taking down the hardest boss, Midas, in the busiest named location on the map, the Agency. Midas’ Drum Gun was definitely a force to be reckoned with, as it had a 40-bullet magazine and dealt 250 damage per second, allowing players to eliminate their opponents in a flash.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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