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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is all about completing the perfect heists, and gamers can actually help their favorite characters go through with their elaborate plans. Each Season 4 Battle Pass skin will have its own set of quests, and fans can finish each character’s questline to unlock special NPC services and additional cosmetic styles.

The second set of Snapshot Quests focuses on Piper Pace, the second unlockable skin in the Fortnite Battle Pass. This article will help gamers complete Piper Pace’s Snapshot Quests, and it show them exactly what they’ll receive as a reward for their efforts.

Piper Pace’s Snapshot Questline completing several quests for piper pace

Piper plays a pizza delivery girl in this season’s Fortnite storyline, but she’s actually the getaway driver in disguise, and she will help Antonia and Nolan Chance complete the perfect heist and successfully steal precious items from various Thorne’s Strongholds spread across the map.

Gamers will have to help Piper play her role by completing 13 quests. Here is how to get through them:


How to Complete


Stage 1 – Exceed 70 Speed while driving a vehicle

Players can easily exceed 70 Speed on a vehicle. The best vehicle for this is the Rogue Bike, and players can easily find them in the shop behind the gas station in Mega City.

25,000 XP

Stage 2 – Talk to Piper Pace

Piper can be found by the soccer field in Slappy Shores.

25,000 XP

Stage 3 – Collect muscle car parts (3)

Gamers can find the required muscle car parts in several gas stations and auto repair shops in these locations:

Slappy Shores Slap N Gone landmark Mega City Fallow Fuel landmark Beep N Bounce landmark

25,000 XP Rep 3 with Piper Pace (unlocks Pizza Party service)

Stage 4 – Pick up a pizza at Slappy Shores and quickly deliver it to Mega City

Gamers will have to pick up a pizza from the Pizza Pit in Slappy Shores, and they must reach Mega City within five minutes to complete this quest. They are about 1,300 meters apart. Thankfully, there are several vehicles available in Slappy Shores – the fastest being the motorcycle on the northern side of the bridge.

25,000 XP

Stage 5 – Deploy a Pizza Party item at one of Throne’s Strongholds

Players can find the Pizza Party item as floor loot or inside containers. However, it is a high rarity item, so gamers might want to stop by Slappy Shores and purchase a Pizza Party from Piper Pace for 100 gold bars. Then, they can quickly ride to Sanguine Suites and throw it on the ground to complete this challenge.

25,000 XP

Stage 6 – Steal bars from Thorne’s Strongholds (25)

To complete this quest gamers must pick up gold bars within the premises of one of Thorne’s Strongholds.

25,000 XP Rep 6 with Piper Pace (unlocks Patch Up service) Piping Hot emoticon

Stage 7 – Destroy cameras or turrets within 90 seconds of entering Thorne’s Strongholds (2)

This works not only for the main Strongholds but also the smaller vaults, so players can head to these locations to complete this quest:

Sanguine Suites Eclipse Estate Rumble Ruins Slappy Shores Mega City Relentless Retreat

25,000 XP

Stage 8 – Eliminate Low Card guards within 90 seconds of entering Thorne’s Strongholds (2)

Players must quickly take down two Low Card guards. Any weapon will work for this quest, as these guards are quite weak.

25,000 XP

Stage 9 – Steal a Legendary or better item from Thorne’s Strongholds. Escape the Stronghold within 60 seconds

Gamers must acquire a Legendary or rarer item in one of Thorne’s Strongholds and then escape within a minute. The quickest way to escape is to get a Rocket Ram and break through as many walls as possible.

25,000 XP

Stage 10 – Collect the Ring from Thorne’s vault

Gamers must take down the boss in Rumble Ruins in order to open the vault and collect the valuable ring inside.

25,000 XP Rep 10 with Piper Pace (unlocks the ability to hire Piper as a Supply Specialist) Pit Faller glider

Stage 11 – Give the Ring to Antonia

After collecting the ring, players must go to The Getaway landmark in Frenzy Fields and give it to Antonia.

25,000 XP

Stage 12 – Drive distance with Piper Pace hired (500)

Once gamers reach Rep 10 with Piper Pace, they’ll be able to hire her as a Supply Specialist. They must then ride a vehicle for 500 meters.

25,000 XP

Stage 13 – Visit Slappy Shores and Mega City in a single match

Fans must visit both Slappy Shores and Mega City in the same match, and they can do it in whichever order they prefer. Thankfully, both POIs have quite a few vehicles available, so gamers shouldn’t have too much trouble completing this challenge.

25,000 XP Hazardous alternative style for Piper Pace

Piper Pace’s Snapshot Rewards unlocking alternative style for piper pace battle pass skin

Players who complete all character quests will be rewarded with a unique alternative style. On top of this, they will also unlock several exclusive services that will be available whenever they speak to them in-game, which is definitely be an advantage. Here are all the perks and advantages that players can unlock by finishing Piper Pace’s Snapshot Quests:

Piper Pace will have the Pizza Party item available for sale Piper Pace will provide a Patch Up service for a gold bar fee Piper Pace will be available for hire as a Supply Specialist The player will unlock the Piping Hot emoticon The player will unlock the Pit Faller glider The player will unlock the Hazardous alternative style

Since Fortnite isn’t pay-to-win, even though gamers must own the Battle Pass to get access to the additional character styles, everyone can unlock the services as long as they complete the quests.

Besides the Piper Pace Quests, gamers can also complete Creative Mode bonus goals. The Piper Pace’s Snapshot Questline includes 14 stages of “earn XP in Creator Mode Experiences” quests, and players can complete them for additional experience points – each stage grants 20,000 XP.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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