April 17, 2021

FREE and simple SEO plugin for WordPress

How To

Start using SEO Pyramid and improve your website ranking on search engines.

SEO Pyramid is easy to install, and the set up is equally easy.

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How To


SEO Pyramid is easy to use

Just configure the page metatags, sitemap, and add google or Bing analytics and tracking ID.


SEO Pyramid is FREE, but it has the features of most paid SEO plugins

SEO Pyramid provides you with the tools you need to optimize and increase your website visibility, achieve better search engine ranking, and reach your target audience.

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Robots Directives

Improve your visibility on search engines with SEO Pyramid

With just a few simple steps you can optimize your website so search engines can read it better, and get it higher on their result page.

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Happy users

SEO Pyramid is new but already has great fans!


Rated 5/5

We Used the plugin for our Website!

Our daycare was fortunate to be one of the first users of SEO Pyramid for the development of our website. It is very simple and easy to use and I hope the developer will stick his promise of keeping it free. Thank you for an awesome job. afamsydney, December 12, 2019

Great new SEO plugin

This SEO plugin, thankfully, is very easy to use. It has all the necessary elements for effective website SEO. The developer has been maintaining & updating the plugin regularly. So glad it’s free! Works great for me. SeekerofInfo, December 11, 2019

Simple SEO Plugin

A very easy to use SEO plugin. Introduce more features to make it more robust Shails, December 26, 2019


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Don’t miss the latest updates from the SEO Pyramid blog. We strive to educate and keep you up to date on the ever-changing world of SEO.

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