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Asset CleanUp Pro WordPress Performance Plugin Free Download

Asset CleanUp Pro is a premium page speed booster plugin for WordPress. It is not a caching plugin, but it can work with any caching plugin to make your WordPress website faster. This plugin helps you to reduce HTTP requests by removing unused CSS & JavaScript files from your website pages. If you need better loading speed, then you should also use a caching plugin like WP Rocket with the Asset Clean Pro plugin. It can also work correctly with in-built hosting caching like WPEngine, Kinsta, and many others. It doesn’t conflict with any other performance plugins. A lite edition of this plugin with limited features also available for free in WordPress repository.

Asset CleanUp Pro can unload useless CSS & JavaScripts from almost all pages, including 404, author, search, date archives, and many other custom pages also. It also gives an option to preload specific files for fast fetching of the most used files. You can also change the location (Head or Body) of JavaScript and CSS files using this plugin. Asset CleanUp Pro also allows using defer and async attributes for loaded JavaScript files. The most important thing you don’t need knowledge of any coding language to use this plugin. Overall, the Asset CleanUp Pro plugin trims the extra fat out of your website pages for better loading speed and fewer HTTP requests.

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Main Features of Asset CleanUp Pro – Performance WordPress Plugin

  • Unload or Manage CSS and JavaScripts files
  • Site-wide unload options
  • Bulk unloads support
  • Manage JS/CSS files directly from front-end
  • Test Mode for debugging
  • Minify and combine loaded JS and CSS files
  • Change the location of JS and CSS files (<Head> or <Body>)
  • Remove RSD, Windows Live Editor, Rest API, etc.
  • Disable XML-RPC protocol
  • Inline CSS and JavaScript files
  • Reduce render-blocking resources by deferring CSS
  • Async and Defer attributes
  • Show the file size of each loaded CSS and JS files
  • Higher page speed score
  • Allows to unload specific plugins

Sales Page of Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.8.0 – WordPress Performace Plugin

What’s New in Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.8.0 (Changelog)

  • Made sure a directory exists before attempting to delete it (for old directories) to avoid any error reports (harmless, but annoying) from plugins such as “Fatal Error Notify Pro”.
  • Updated notification related to HTTP/2 from Combine CSS/JS tabs within “Settings”.
  • Older caching files are by default set to be cleared after 4 days (the new default value) instead of 7.
  • WP Rocket 3.7+ compatibility fix: “Minify HTML” is removed.
  • Fix possible errors (400 Bad Request) when AJAX calls are made by Asset CleanUp Pro.
  • Improvement: Save resources and do not check anything for optimization when the feed URL (e.g. /feed/) is loaded.
  • Improvement: When Google Fonts are marked for removal, nullify other related settings, leading to the usage of fewer resources.
  • And many other small improvements and bug fixes.

Free Download Asset CleanUp Pro v1.1.8.0 Latest Version – Performance Plugin for WordPress

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*If It asks for Activation, enter any 32 character key (License key: GWP7514519919615182316GFW019823R)

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