Free Fortnite Skin Becomes Unavailable Soon


Players must complete the Coldest Circle Quest Pack in Fortnite before the next update to unlock the exclusive Underworld Desdemona skin. Fortnite frequently offers events with free cosmetic items, including skins, but they often require some effort to obtain. To level up quickly in Fortnite, players can complete weekly and daily quests, as well as consider purchasing the Vikora Level Up Quest Pack for additional opportunities to increase their season level.

The free Underworld Desdemona skin will become unavailable once the next Fortnite update goes live, so players that have acquired the Coldest Circle Quest Pack must complete it before it’s too late. When Fortnite first came out, it wasn’t as common for players to own skins. There were few cosmetic items compared to the extensive pool that exists nowadays, and nearly all of them could only be acquired if players got the Battle Pass or purchased V-Bucks, the in-game currency. However, times have changed, and thankfully, Fortnite now makes it much easier for players to get free cosmetic items regularly.

Fortnite hosts events quite frequently, and nearly all of them include free cosmetic items for those that choose to participate. Usually, these events tend to reward players with harvesting tools and back blings. However, there have also been cases where gamers received free skins, but oftentimes it takes a bit more effort. After the 2022 Fortnitemares event, Fortnite added the free Chrome Punk challenges, and those who successfully got through them would receive the Chrome Punk skin and several other cosmetics as a reward.

In May 2023, Fortnite released the Coldest Circles Quest Pack, and gamers that completed that would receive an entire set of cosmetic items. This quest pack was only available until June 15, but players who claimed it got access to the Coldest Circle quests, which will remain accessible until August 8. The Coldest Circles Quest Pack will become inaccessible once downtime for v25.30 starts. So, players who haven’t completed all the quests have until Tuesday at 4 AM ET to do so and receive the Underworld Desdemona skin, the final reward of the Coldest Circle Quest Pack.

In order to get the Underworld Desdemon skin, players with the Coldest Circle Quest Pack must earn 50 account levels. This is a difficult feat, but not impossible; there are several ways to level up fast in Fortnite. Players can complete all the weekly quests available, which accumulate through the entire season, and they can also finish their daily quests as soon as they reset at 9 AM ET. Additionally, players who own Save the World can earn season XP by completing missions.

Gamers that have a few V-Bucks to spare might want to consider acquiring the Vikora Level Up Quest Pack. A new set of quests is released on a weekly basis, and each set allows players to level up seven whole levels simply by collecting Hex Tokens scattered around the map. So far, two parts have been released, which means players can quickly increase their season level by 14 levels before Tuesday.

Fortnite is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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