Genshin Impact Image Shows How Ayaka's Costume Style Comes From Fontaine


Ayaka’s new skin blends well with the recently released Fontaine region in Genshin Impact, fitting the elegant and stylish theme of the region’s NPCs and their lifestyle. Character cosmetics have been less emphasized in the game’s development, but the addition of four skins per year, introduced during specific events, has been consistent. Fans hope that Ayaka’s ties to Fontaine could lead to her involvement in the upcoming storyline, as she has already played a significant role in the Inazuma storyline.

A Genshin Impact fan has shared an interesting screenshot showing how well Ayaka’s new skin blends in with the recently released Fontaine region. Character cosmetics have largely taken a backseat in the game’s development which is quite unusual since the playable roster is the focal point of each new update.

Genshin Impact has introduced an interesting pattern of adding four skins per year, two during the Lantern Rite Festival and two during the annual Summer event. The previous update 3.8 has introduced new outfits for popular characters, Kaeya and Klee, and they are currently obtainable in the in-game shop.

A screenshot by a Reddit user named ArchangelX47 has started an interesting discussion in the community about Ayaka’s Springbloom Missive outfit. This skin was introduced in the last Lantern Rite event that was part of Genshin Impact update 3.4. Many fans claimed that outfit really stands out from all other character designs back when it first came out, however, the screenshot provided in the post shows that it perfectly fits the overall theme of the newly released Fontaine nation. Every major region in Genshin Impact is based on a real-life location and culture, and Fontaine is apparently inspired by 1910s France. Fontaine’s NPCs can be seen wearing very elegant clothes which are also reflected in their behavior and lifestyle. According to the official lore, the design of Ayaka’s new dress is based on the Fontaine dresses depicted in Inazuma’s novel illustrations.

Fontaine’s main city has a very futuristic design, and it’s filled with rivers and waterfalls which makes sense since Hydro is the region’s symbolic element. This new region has arrived in the most recent Genshin Impact 4.0 major update which also introduced two new playable characters, Lyney and Lynette, both of whom are currently available on the Limited Character Banner alongside Yelan.

Just like was the case with the four previously released regions, Fontaine’s main storyline will revolve around its Archon, better known as Furina and Focalors. After being teased in multiple trailer videos, Furina finally made her first appearance in Fontaine’s first Archon Quest where she was introduced as a glamorous and dramatic character.

Many fans in the comment section hope that Ayaka’s ties to Fontaine could cause the character to make an appearance in the upcoming storyline. This member of the Kamisasto clan has played a major role in the overall Inazuma storyline where she also holds the title of the Shirasagi Himegimi.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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