Genshin Impact: 5 Mistakes Players Make When Using Lyney

Highlights Lyney is a Pyro DPS character who excels in a mono Pyro composition for optimal damage output and Pyro application. Utilizing Lyney’s charged attacks is crucial for maximizing his damage, as they not only have better scaling but also trigger powerful explosive summons which enhances his overall damage output while also taunting enemies. Lyney












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Lyney is a long-anticipated character in Genshin Impact, as he was one of the early teased characters for the Fontaine region alongside his twin sister Lynette. Joining the roster with the launch of the 4.0 version update, Lyney is a Pyro DPS character who holds significant potential for exponential damage when built correctly and paired with the right characters.

Furthermore, Genshin Impact players should pay attention to certain mechanics that come with his team play, in order to further enhance this potential. They should also avoid the following simple mistakes to get the most out of utilizing Lyney.

5 Not Utilizing Characters Effectively Genshin Impact Lyney + Bennett, Xiangling, Kazuha-1

Similar to Nilou’s team limitations, part of Lyney’s kit requires players to utilize additional Pyro characters to increase Lyney’s damage output. A significant portion of this damage increase also relies on applying Pyro to enemies. Therefore, players should focus on including two other Pyro characters, such as Bennett and Xiangling, to ensure consistent Pyro application and create optimal synergy.

Moreover, since adding a third Pyro character excluding Lyney doesn’t provide additional benefits, players should instead prioritize another support character from a different elemental type, like Anemo. This approach enhances Pyro application consistency, as other elemental reactions can inadvertently remove Pyro from enemies. As a result, while it might initially appear that Lyney and Lynette cannot be effectively played together, their kits indeed allow for such synergy and gameplay.

4 Equipping the Wrong Artifact Set Genshin Impact Lyney Mistake Artifact

While the build of each character holds significant value and is of utmost priority to utilize a character effectively, many players may be considering using the staple Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set for Lyney as he is a Pyro character. However, given that his play style typically doesn’t benefit from elemental reactions, equipping a 4-piece set of this kind would actually diminish Lyney’s DPS potential.

In fact, it is beneficial to use a 4-piece set of the counterpart artifact set, Lavawalker, until players can obtain optimal pieces from his best artifact set, Marechaussee Hunter. Alternatively, players can opt to mix different artifact sets to gain additional stat benefits, such as ATK or Pyro Damage bonus.

3 Not Using Charged Attacks Genshin Impact Lyney

While players may notice significant similarities among Yoimiya, Amber, and Lyney, all being Pyro Bow users, it can be noted that a substantial portion of Lyney’s damage actually stems from skillfully utilizing his double-charged attacks, as opposed to normal attacks. This is due not only to his charged attacks having superior scaling but also because various elements of his kit rely on double-charged attacks. Through this mechanism, Lyney can convert his charged attacks into Prop Arrows, which in turn summon Grin-Malkin Hats. The summoning of these hats empowers Lyney’s damage output significantly, as their explosive nature inflicts substantial damage and can also taunt enemies.

Furthermore, these summons enable Lyney to accumulate stacks, which, when coupled with his Elemental Skill, facilitate the healing of a percentage of his HP. It is worth highlighting that while these charged attacks do consume a portion of his HP, this consumption cannot reduce his HP below 60% of its maximum value. As a result, players need not be concerned about depleting their HP entirely when employing charged attacks.

2 Not Paying Attention To His Pneuma Arkhe Genshin Impact Lyney Mistake Arkhe

Alongside introducing new gameplay mechanics such as diving, Genshin Impact also introduces a new combat mechanic specifically for Fontaine enemies and characters called Arkhe. As a result, every Fontaine character will incorporate this mechanic into their kit, which is also reflected in the designs of their vision holders. Consequently, players will encounter enemies that react distinctively based on the opposing Arkhe characters. While not obligatory, understanding when to best utilize this mechanic can prove quite beneficial. Additionally, this mechanic proves advantageous when solving certain puzzles within Fontaine, making it important for players not to overlook its significance.

1 Not Utilizing Crowd Control Genshin Impact character Lyney

While Lyney’s charged attacks and Pyrotechnic Strike are primarily single-target focused, employing Lyney’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst enables players to inflict AoE damage to nearby targets, amplifying the importance of crowd control in scenarios involving multiple enemies. While Lyney can individually taunt enemies using the Grin-Malkin Hat, this effect might not be very impactful if opponents are spread apart. Consequently, to fully capitalize on his AoE capabilities, players can highly benefit from incorporating additional support characters with this function such as Venti, Kazuha, or even Lynette.

Moreover, as Lyney requires double-charging his bow shots, he is susceptible to being staggered. This vulnerability can be mitigated by integrating crowd control measures into the gameplay strategy.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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