Genshin Impact Details Version 4.0 Second Half Events


Genshin Impact’s Version 4.0 second half brings a lineup of new events, including combat challenges and a photo-taking event in the Hydro region of Fontaine. Two popular five-star characters, Zhongli and Tartaglia, will return in the gacha banner, accompanied by a new four-star character named Freminet. Version 4.1 is already anticipated to introduce two new characters and potentially expand the playable map with the addition of the Fortress of Meropide in Fontaine. Exciting updates await Genshin Impact players.

HoYoverse is giving Genshin Impact players an idea of what to expect from the second half of Version 4.0, detailing the events set to run during the next few weeks. The newest update for the massively popular RPG was one of its biggest of the year, introducing players to the vibrant Hydro region of Fontaine. Alongside three new characters, Fontaine’s addition brought several new gameplay elements to the game with the Pneuma and Ousia combat mechanics and the region’s underwater areas. Now, a whole host of events are set to begin with the update’s second half.

The first half of Version 4.0 largely focused on getting players acquainted with Genshin Impact’s newest region through its story and events. The region’s Archon Quest debuted several important themes of Fontaine revolving around justice, Fontaine’s court system, and the region’s many notable characters. Some of the first half’s events saw players gathering different regional items for rewards, exploring the depths of Fontaine’s underwater chasms, and doing battle with its many new enemies. Now, Version 4.0’s second half features everything from combat challenges to a photo-taking event.

The official preview posted to Genshin Impact’s social media accounts gives players a closer look at the lineup of events for Version 4.0’s latter half. HoYoverse will kick off the update’s second half with the “Verdict of Blades” event on September 4, thrusting players into combat challenges with a variety of rewards including Primogems. The “Studies in Light and Shadow” event will task players with using a special Kamera to photograph different scenery around Fontaine. Version 4.0’s second half will also feature a “Ley Line Overflow” event and a new “Heated Battle” challenge for Genius Invokation TCG.

Version 4.0’s second half will welcome two returning five-star characters to Genshin Impact’s gacha banner, both being popular among players. HoYoverse had previously confirmed Version 4.0 would feature re-run banners for Zhongli and Tartaglia, launching on September 5. Zhongli has long been considered one of Genshin Impact’s strongest support characters while Tartaglia plays a major role in Fontaine’s story. The new re-run banners will also debut a new four-star character with Freminet, the younger brother of Lyney and Lynette.

While the first update of Genshin Impact’s newest region winds down over the next few weeks, many players are already looking ahead to Version 4.1. HoYoverse has confirmed two new characters will debut with the Version 4.1 update with Fontaine’s chief justice Neuvillette and Fortress of Meropide administrator Wriothesley. The update is also heavily rumored to bring the first expansion to Fontaine, adding the Fortress of Meropide to the playable map. Between new events and new characters on the way, Genshin Impact players have plenty to look forward to coming soon.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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