Genshin Impact: Were It So Easy Hidden Quest Guide (Cosanzeana Quest)

Melusine is a race of creatures available in Genshin Impact Fontaine, and similar to the Aranara of Sumeru, they will have plenty of World Quests players must finish to grind Primogems and Reputation EXP.

However, although many of these quests are properly marked with a blue exclamation symbol, some of the missions are hidden and can only be triggered by interacting with the correct person. For instance, the Were It So Easy quest in Genshin Impact has no indicator whatsoever, but has important rewards like Primogems and Strange Part, so it’s crucial to figure out how to complete it.

Were It So Easy Quest In Genshin Impact cosanzeana location Genshin Impact were it so easy quest

Were It So Easy is a hidden quest in Genshin Impact that can be started by speaking to Cosanzeana at the entrance of Merusea Village. Talk to the Melusine who’ll talk about her garden and is sad that nothing is growing there. The protagonist will then mention that they may have an idea about how to grow flowers, and there are four options to pick from:

Windwheel Asters Silk Flowers Naku Weeds Sumeru Roses

The choices don’t change anything in the quest, but the flower players pick will be displayed at the entrance of Merusea Village, so it’s best to pick the flora that they like best.

After giving the flower to Cosanzeana and having her plant it, players must now water the flower by using Hydro on the plants. It may seem like the quest is done here, but it’s not as there’s a second part to this mission.

genshin impact were it so easy quest location

Teleport away somewhere and return to the Merusea Village (the village itself, not the entrance), then speak to the Melusine in front of a house. This time, a blue exclamation mark will appear on top of Cosanzeana’s head, so it’d be hard to miss it. Next, follow Cosanzeana to the flower garden to investigate the difficulty she has been facing.

If the quest doesn’t appear, players may need to progress in A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest first

genshin impact how to complete the were it so easy quest

Defeat the Breacher Primus and investigate the area for another hidden foe. Once all of the intruders are eradicated, Consanzeana will finally feel easy, and the Were It So Easy quest is finally complete.

As there are two parts to this hidden mission, players will get two batches of rewards as well. In the first half, people will earn:

Primogems x20 Mora x11,000 Strange Part x1

Then, upon completing the quest, the Melusine grants the following goodies:

Primogems x20 Tidalga x8 Mora x26,500 genshin impact were it so easy hidden quest rewards

Strange Part is an important currency within the Melusines, and players will have two opportunities to use it. First, Strange Parts are required to save Seymour in Mamere’s A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest in Genshin Impact. Then, the rest can be spent on the Melusine merchant, Xana.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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