Get Blackpink Jennie’s outfits to freshen up your closet

Get Blackpink Jennie’s outfits to freshen up your closet

One of our favorite aspects of Korean celebrity fashion and style is their ability to dress and appear youthful without overdoing it. Take, for example, Blackpink Jennie’s. Lovely and feminine peachy-pink tones permeated the Korean beauty’s sweet, youthful spirit.

Since the group’s debut in 2016, Jennie has been giving us huge style goals. Her trainee day chi style to worldwide diva fashion has grown into a talented musician, an ardent photographer, and fashionista. During her tenure as a style icon, the singer has partnered with a number of high-end businesses as a brand ambassador, with Chanel being one of the most well-known. She’s also frequent in the front rows of international fashion shows. Taking inspiration from the diva, we’ve compiled a list of the top trends we’d want to adopt.

Jennie has an eye for drama in her costumes, whether it’s puffy sleeves, dramatic skirts, or flared slacks, and she looks amazing doing it! This is exactly the kind of style we’d go for when we want to go all out!

Jennie, who is 25, is still dressed in her classic schoolgirl attire. Tennis skirts are all the rage now, not just in Korea, but all throughout the world, thanks to Jennie! The very elegant tennis skirt and shirt combo is a favorite of the pop icon and idol.

Her feminine elegant outfits are certainly a hit with us, but it’s Jennie’s eye for goth style and how she styles those pieces that really shine out. Not only does the idol favor goth grunge, but she also favors 90s baby-style big sweatshirts with bucket caps, as do many others throughout the world!

At the drop of a hat, or should we say beret, the singer can channel her inner French girl. While the girls of BLACKPINK have a Parisian touch to their look, Jennie takes it to the next level. Her affinity for berets, romantic skirts, and flowy silhouettes is evident if you go through her Instagram.

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