5 Ways The Gran Turismo Film Will Be Like The Games, And 4 Ways It Won't

Racing games are massively popular in the gaming world, and none more so than Gran Turismo, which has successfully produced eight games spanning over 25 years. Other racing games like Need for Speed have made the transition to the big screen, but it’s taken until now for Gran Turismo to follow suit.

This could be down to its lack of overall story, and focus primarily on the racing aspect, but director, Neil Blomkamp has found an interesting way to bring one of the best racing games ever to cinemas. There will be a lot of things that fans will recognize from the game, but also a lot of things that will be completely different.

Playstation’s Involvement (Same) playstation logo

Playstation Productions are involved in the making of the film, so that pretty much guarantees that it’ll have similar sensibilities to the game. It was a no-brainer that they would be involved after over 25 years of association with the game.

They have joined forces with Columbia Pictures to bring the racing game to the big screen, so expect to see some Easter eggs planted throughout the film. Also, expect to see Playstation itself appear during the film as it takes place in the real world.

Characters (Different) Jack Salter in nissan jacket, Jann holding a helmet in full racing gear and Danny in a red jacket

The film will be based on real life characters that didn’t feature in the games. Jann Mardenborough is a Gran Turismo player who wins a series of gaming competitions and ends up becoming an actual professional racing car driver, and he is the main focus of the upcoming film.

The focus in the games was never on characters, it was the cars that acted as the main character in many ways. It’s not a story game so an adaptation of it for film purposes was always likely going to have to focus on something else, whilst staying true to it’s racing roots.

Racing Sequences (Same) GT by Citreon car on the track

The movie will involve racing sequences, fans need not worry about this. So far, the trailers that have been released have heavily featured racing sequences.

The audience want to experience what they get to do on the game, but they would be the first ones to admit that racing sequences alone would not be enough to sustain a two-hour movie. Having said that, fans expect a lot of action. And according to the trailers and the press for the film, that is exactly what the audience will get.

Based On A True Story (Different) Clapperboard of Gran Turismo movie

It’s difficult to find a movie based on a video game that is actually a true story, but Gran Turismo is exactly that.

There will still be all the hallmarks of any great Gran Turismo game, but it will be intertwined with the true story of a gamer who found success in the world of professional racing which stemmed from a love of the game.

Cars (Same) car on the racing track

Fans want to see the cars they loved so much on the Gran Turismo games, up on the big screen. Of course, not all the best cars will feature in the movie, but expect plenty of similarities with the games choices of cars. Clips released thus far from the movie have revealed Nissan GT-Rs racing against each other, as well as against Lamborghini’s. And in one of the opening clips, the Le Mans prototypes appear on the track as well.

Even though it’s a true story of an event that happened in the early 2000s, the film takes place in modern day. This is clearly done because the movie wants to feature the most up-to-date cars for marketing reasons.

No Game Tie-In (Different) 6 colourful racing cars in a line of 3 on either side of each other

Usually when a game is adapted into a film, the producers release a new game to coincide with it. Sony have done no such thing, partly because Gran Turismo 7 is still going strong, and also because the film has a very different vibe to it, with it being based on a true story.

Either way, fans will be lining up to see the film when it gets released in cinemas in August.

Title Cards (Same) two cars on red and blue background, title card in the middle

It’s been clear from all the promotion for the upcoming film that it keeps the title card the same. Fans of the games will notice it from a mile off, and it will draw them into the cinemas to watch the movie.

There has to be enough that is quintessentially Gran Turismo to please the fans. However, it also does well in its promotional materials to appeal to a completely different audience who are after a human story at the heart of the narrative.

No Plans For Sequels (Different) Gran_Turismo sequels with different cars in a split screen

There are no plans to turn Gran Turismo into a movie franchise, despite Hollywood’s love of long franchises about car racing. The Fast and the Furious franchise springs to mind.

The characters are based on real people and the film will tell their story with a definitive ending. If the film does well, they might decide to do something else with the Gran Turismo title, but it won’t be this iteration of it.

Immersive Aspects (Same) close up of orange racing car with other cars in front of it

Knowing what Neil Blomkamp is like as a director, fans can expect all the immersive aspects they love from the Gran Turismo games.

From the trailer, its evident that some of the camera angles are the same as what they are in the game and this is vital, as other aspects of the film will be so different to the game. The audience wants to feel like they are in the car with the character, just like they feel when they are playing the game.

Gran Turismo is set to be released August 2023

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