How GTA Online Got Its Own Xur From Destiny 2

Highlights GTA Online and Destiny 2 implemented rotating merchants such as Xur and Gun Van to provide players with a chance to obtain powerful weapons and equipment. GTA Online’s success as a live service game required Rockstar to release innovative updates like the Gun Van to keep interest high, which has paid off. The introduction of the Gun Van in GTA Online demonstrates Rockstar’s commitment to the future of gaming and its ability to adapt to changing trends in the gaming industry. Players can expect continued updates and content even before the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been among the most popular titles in gaming since it was released nearly a decade ago. Over the years, the gaming scene has continued to evolve. However, GTA Online has kept pace, becoming a model and pioneer for the live service era of modern gaming. Another such pioneer is the Destiny franchise, whose rotating merchant, Xur, has long offered variety to the series and its players a means to obtain powerful gear and weapons. Even during breaks in content, Xur offers Guardians the opportunity to receive weapons from previous seasons, events, and expansions. Noting Destiny 2’s merchant and its continued appeal, GTA Online has introduced its own version of the feature, allowing its players to trade with developer Rockstar Games’ version of a rotating merchant: the Gun Van.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released in October 2013, two weeks after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. A decade later, the game continues to win over players and set the bar for massively multiplayer online titles. That success could be among the reasons why a sequel to Grand Theft Auto 5 has taken so long to emerge, as many developers are shifting to the live-service model rather than releasing new titles offline. However, that era appears to be winding down, as a number of planned and active live service titles have been unceremoniously canceled in 2023.

GTA Online introduced an exclusive spin on Xur destiny 2 xur climbing armor

Destiny 2’s Xur still holds huge appeal among the Destiny fan base, as it offers newcomers and veterans alike a way to improve their build and try out the title’s strongest weapons. Destiny 2 experienced several full expansions and seasonal events, many of which introduced high-tier or exotic weapons, before locking them down. Xur gives you another shot at these items, offering a slew of weapons and armor pieces every weekend. Additionally, Xur allows Guardians the chance to upgrade their build by acquiring an Exotic for different slots in their gear, which is critical as Destiny 2 restricts players to equipping one Exotic at a time.

Recognizing the appeal of a rotating vendor and its benefits for players of all experience levels, GTA Online recently introduced the Gun Van. The feature was announced in January 2023 and, like Xur, will require players to locate the merchant in the game’s world, rewarding them with the chance to purchase extremely powerful weapons at a discounted price. Players of all experience levels can utilize the Gun Van as it sells its wares with no rank requirements. Since its release, Gun Van has offered amazing weapons including the Railgun and the Unholy Hellbringer.

GTA Online’s Van de Armas bets well on its future gun van gta online

While other live service titles have come and gone, GTA Online is still looking to the future. If GTA Online’s recent Independence Day event is any indication, the game still has plenty of life left. The event allowed players to find a number of free items and weapons. It also introduced the dynamic Finders Keepers event, where players can track other vans to bolster their supplies or sell the vans for cash. Events like this, along with new mechanics like the Gun Van, show Rockstar’s investment in the future. The positive reception of the updates and continued success shows the fans’ investment in it.

Players interested in taking advantage of the Gun Van should know that it changes locations every day, taking full advantage of GTA Online’s sprawling map. Fortunately, various communities and fan sites track your location, making finding it as easy or difficult as players wish. Time will tell how GTA Online will continue to adapt to the changing landscape, but all signs point to Rockstar Games’ ability to handle the blows. Until Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally announced, fans can rest assured that GTA Online will provide plenty to do in the meantime.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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