Gu fashion “fiery” of 3 “pink ball” Donald Trump’s house

Gu fashion “fiery” of 3 “pink ball” Donald Trump’s house

Sunday, 11/8/2020 10:55 AM (GMT + 7)

There is no shortage of money to spend on expensive dresses, the dress style of three important women to Donald Trump is always a hot topic attracting public opinion.

Donald Trump’s two billion-dollar girls: Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump.

Not only attracting public opinion thanks to their beautiful appearance and outstanding talent, they also have impressive fashion styles. Although many times being named in controversial objectionable items, each of them has their own personality and dares to express their prideful ego through casual clothing. In other words, when looking at the trendy outfits of Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump, one can see a miniature picture of the contemporary fashion village.

Melania Trump

The third wife of Donald Trump owns a wardrobe with all of the “huge” brands.

Melania Trump was born in 1970, the third wife of the 45th President of the United States – Donald Trump. She is a supermodel originally from Slovenia, the famous Yugoslav Union in the 1990s, and was named “the first lady of the United States” thanks to her attractive appearance, outstanding height of 180cm and sexy body. . Long legs not only build a reputation for beauty, but also make an impression with an academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Design and the ability to be fluent in 5 languages.

“American billionaire wife” is always loyal to the elegant lady style, trendy in the outfits of luxury brands. Although constantly being entangled in the mess wearing costumes that show knowledge and political opposition, it is undeniable that the costumes worn by Melania all exude elegance and class. Like many former presidential ladies, Donald Trump’s wife loves sleek designs, embracing sexy cutouts at the chest.

The midi dress with pleated waist, cup chest helps to highlight the perfect beautiful peach mound of “America’s First Lady”.

A large handbag, high heels and sunglasses contribute to the outfit’s highlight.

The costumes worn by the lady of the billionaire U50 are always considered by the world as “love poems”. The flower-studded jacket exudes a romantic beauty through each needle thread, each wrinkled fold to cold – warm colors, harmoniously mixed and matched.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump sympathizes with the public thanks to her confident, proactive attitude.

Ivanka Trump (full name: Ivanka Marie Trump) was born in 1981, is an American businessman and former fashion model. In addition to her natural entrepreneurial mind, Ivanka also has the ability to persuade and reason so sharp that Donald Trump himself must admit she is the person most like him. In addition to the intelligence and leadership talent inherited from the biological father, the fashion sense of the Trump woman is also a topic that makes netizens talk.

Living in a multi-racial country, Ivanka’s fashion range is also varied from styles, styles to brands. At times, she is simple, loyal to a dress of the same color, elegant in the direction of menswear, when she is complained about her “indecent” outfit to attend a major political event. She does not wear a bra many times, showing off her mounds, giving the public the opportunity to “burn eyes”. In fact, the revealing of Ivanka’s nipples is not simply a costume incident, but she is implicitly supporting the feminist movement, demanding equal rights and women’s freedom. This movement has been around since the 1960s, taking place in New Jerset, USA. Many young women at that time took off their bra and threw it in the trash to protest against gender inequality, the traditional feminine concept.

Possessing an impressive body ratio with a height of 1m80, measuring 3 rounds: 96.5 – 66 – 91.5cm, Ivanka is able to choose for herself elegant and luxurious dress styles suitable for her body. But she is determined to assert her own opinion and self through controversial outfits.

President Trump’s daughter often wears tight shirts, squeezing round 1 to hold her breath.

Not only inherited the beauty and physique from her mother, but she is also a female general with the vision and voice of an outstanding father.

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump is the only daughter of Donald Trump with his second wife. She doesn’t meet her father as often as Ivanka Trump, but she always has great admiration for her outstanding father. Not following the family business, Tiffany has a passion for the arts when studying acting since childhood, releasing a music album and is a very fashionable person.

Although not possessing an angular face in a high fashion style like stepmother and sister, the “jewel” of the Trump family has the beauty of “full moon, blooming features” with a pregnant face. Plump, high nose bridge, big round eyes. Because of her young age and liberal personality, Tiffany dresses a bit more sexy and trendy than the rest of the family. She is not afraid to wear chest-cup dresses and two-piece bikini showing the “burning” curves on the body.

The White House woman mixes bra with shorts, sandal and necklace accessories in summer tropical style. If you look closely, you will see that her bra and hair ties have a three-color striped pattern: dark blue – white – red, representing the color of the US flag.

In another development, the American billionaire woman transformed into a beautiful, dreamlike “muse” when wearing a pure white midi dress. She cleverly combined with sunglasses and jewelry to set the outfit more stylish.

It’s just basic black, but the bold cut of this dress helps Tiffany Trump to bring into play her full body beauty.

Sometimes it is not necessary to wear too bold, just a wide shoulder bodysuit to reveal the blue straps is enough to highlight the sexy, hot beauty of a beauty born in 1993.

When traveling, Tiffany loves to wear ruffled dresses with colorful patterns, fluffy cotton, both youthful, stylish, comfortable, easy-going.

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Applying this formula of runner-up Huyen My, you are free to promote the fashion of showing off bra without being judged as offensive.


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