Hai Bang’s online sales clothes are controversial

Hai Bang’s online sales clothes are controversial

Saturday, July 31, 2021 19:56 PM (GMT+7)

The image of Hai Bang’s dress showing off her sexy body when selling online has met with mixed opinions.

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If not, few people believe that this is the stature of a mother of 3 children.

Hai Bang was originally a singer and actress, but after marrying her husband Thanh Dat, she decided to retreat to the rear. The birth of 3 babies in a fairly close time, so her decline is quite obvious. Like many other women, Hai Bang also went through a period of body changes after giving birth. No longer a slim figure or smooth skin like when she was a girl is what made her self-deprecating and tired. But Hai Bang only really “wake up” after being criticized by her husband as “slapping water in the face”.

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The beauty confidently dressed sexy after regaining her figure as in her spare time.

She once shared: “Everything has a phase. It’s not a god that wants to be beautiful to be beautiful. Now looking back at the pictures of each postpartum period is amazing. Thank you for always loving yourself. Baby milk, don’t be so infatuated with your husband that you can listen to everything you say. But if your husband criticizes, listen to it, you won’t lose anything but benefit yourself. If you are ugly, your husband will splash water directly in your face, you don’t have to wait for your bad self to be self-conscious …”.

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Recently, the image of her dressed in sexy clothes selling online has received mixed reviews from fans.

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In addition to criticism, many compliments on the top-notch physique of the mother of three Hai Bang children.

After regaining her perfect figure as in her spare time, Hai Bang worked hard to wear more sexy dresses. Even, she is not afraid to wear sexy online sales and receive mixed opinions. Many viewers think that she is dressing a bit boldly when the livestream is “closed”, but many people have praised the young and beautiful figure of this mother of 3. Underwear or bold cut designs are often chosen by Hai Bang to livestream.

But to regain confidence and pursue that sexy fashion style, Hai Bang has her own beauty secrets.

Get back the ant’s waist thanks to the belly band

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She worked hard using a belly band to regain the desired waistline.

Belly corsets are certainly no longer a strange beauty method for many women, especially mothers with milk diapers. For many other mothers, usually after 6 months is the right time to beautify postpartum. But with Hai Bang, only 1 month after giving birth, she worked hard to beautify in popular ways such as wearing a belly band gene. This is the fastest way to get round 2 back that these beautiful mothers often do. To be more effective, you can use hot fat melting cream to slim your belly and not sag. With this method, the advantage is that it is easy to implement, helping to effectively reduce fat without exercise.

Put on a mask hard

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Hai Bang’s smooth skin thanks to careful care.

In order to reduce pigmentation and become pink and white after giving birth, Hai Bang shared: “Before going to bed, take care of the whole body from head to toe, go to the beach, go to the mountains… expose your face to the types of people who don’t take care of themselves, if they are bad, they know how to blame themselves. who now”. Thanks to that, even at the age of 33, Hai Bang still has smooth, rosy white skin with few defects. Beautiful skin is a big plus for this beauty’s growing beauty, born in 1988.

Using turmeric as a beauty elixir

Since ancient times, turmeric has been applied in many fields such as as a spice in processing, used for face masks, and daily drinks. It helps the body stay healthy and prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Hai Bang also chooses turmeric as a drink to beautify after giving birth. Active ingredient curcumin has the ability to burn fat, increase fat metabolism, and prevent the formation of new fat tissue. In particular, drinking turmeric essence will help mothers quickly remove melasma and fade stretch marks due to pregnancy.

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The hot girl from Thanh has repeatedly fallen into a dress problem because she is too innocent to pose.


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