Hai Duong recorded two new Covid-19 patients

Hai Duong recorded two new Covid-19 patients

Specifically: Patient 2534 is F1 of BN2528, concentrated in isolation from March 8. Currently, the patient is being treated at Field Hospital 3, General Hospital of Hai Duong Province, facility 2.

Patient 2535 is a worker at Poyun Company, isolated from January 28. On February 16, a person living in the isolation room of this worker was determined to have Covid-19. On February 27, patients with symptoms of cough and sore throat, were sampled and tested suspected to be positive for the virus. SARS-CoV-2. The patient was continued to take samples on March 1, March 5 for re-testing.

On March 6, this worker tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Currently, the patient is being treated at Field Hospital 3, General Hospital of Hai Duong Province 2.

From January 27 to now, Vietnam an additional 897 people infected with Covid-19 were recorded in the community in 13 provinces and cities. In which, 12 localities have gone through many days without cases of infection outside the community.

Events - Hai Duong recorded 2 new Covid-19 patients

A medical officer collects a Covid-19 sample.

Vietnam started to vaccinate against Covid-19 from March 8. To date, more than 1,500 people have been injected. Some cases of degree 2 anaphylaxis are handled promptly, health has stabilized, is continuing to be monitored. Some other cases have a reaction after the usual injection.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), on March 25, the first batch of vaccines from the COVAX Facility source with 1.37 million doses of AstraZeneca will arrive in Vietnam. The next batch with 2.8 million doses will continue to Vietnam on April 25.

In addition, the next batch of Covid-19 vaccines from the Ministry of Health ordered through VNVC with a total of 29.87 million doses arrived in Vietnam in April (1.48 million doses), May (2, 76 million doses), June (5.04 million doses), July (7.32 million doses) and August (13.27 million doses).

The Ministry of Health recommends that people continue to strictly comply with the 5K requirement, especially wearing masks, not gathering people and strictly complying with epidemic prevention guidelines at offices, agencies, factories, and factories. , production facilities ensure working safety.

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