Here Are Five Of The Ways Blackpink Lisa Infused “LALISA” With Thai Culture

Here Are Five Of The Ways Blackpink Lisa Infused “LALISA” With Thai Culture

Lisa is a rapper, singer, and dancer in South Korea. Lisa was born and brought up in Thailand. She did schooling in Thailand only. At the moment she is a member of the famous K-Pop band Blackpink. She also has started her career as a solo artist recently by releasing her debut album ‘Lalisa.’

Lisa’s debut album is released on September 10 and within few hours of being released, the album has broken several records and created some new for itself. Lisa is the third member from Blackpink to also have a career as a solo artist. The album had already created much buzz among the fans before the release only.

The album was released and everybody was amazed that how Lisa blended Thai culture as well in her debut album “Lalisa” in South Korea. There were few things to focus on and if you have carefully scanned the music video of her debut album then we can find certain things about Thai culture.

The first thing is Thai Music; along with signature Korean music, Thai music also marks its presence in the song. One has to be careful and must be having knowledge of music to be able to distinguish. Second is her dance, no one can forget certain moves from her dance which are from Thai culture and especially the moves of background dancers.

Lisa also donned a Thai costume in the music video. Specifically, no one can forget her “Mongkut” headpiece, which symbolizes royalty especially worn by a member of the royal family in south Asian countries like Thailand. Thai wring is also in the music video which is visible with our eyes. Along with English, Japanese, Korean, Thai is also written in the opening scene of the music video.

Last but not the least, if you have taken a look at the first trailer of “Lalisa,” one might have seen lightning strikes. At first, it may be seen as any random shape, but if you connect it then you will know it is the outline of Thailand’s map. This is how carefully and smartly Lisa has blended several Thai cultures in her debut album “Lalisa.”

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