Aetna offers several kinds of plans for individuals and families. Offerings vary based on location, so enter your zip code on Aetna’s website to see options in your area.

Aetna members have access to an online member account, a mobile app, and Healthwise®. Healthwise® provides health education tools. Members also have access to join support groups.

Aetna offers case management support to members with chronic conditions.

Like Aetna, UnitedHealthcare offers health plans to individuals and families, including student health plans. UnitedHealthcare stands out from Aetna with its student health plans offering. If you’re a college student, a UnitedHealthcare student health plan could be a good fit for you.

UnitedHealthcare also offers non-traditional health plans, including short-term health plans and fixed indemnity plans. One of UnitedHealthcare’s short term health plans is Tri-Term Medical Insurance. It offers 36 months of short term insurance with some coverage for preventive care and prescriptions.

UnitedHealthcare’s hospital and doctor fixed indemnity plans can be used to supplement traditional health insurance plans. These plans provide a fixed cash benefit for health care services that the beneficiary can use to pay for medical expenses.

Aetna also offers group plans that employers can offer their employees. These include network only, network option, and indemnity plans. It also offers Medicare plans and other health plans designed for retirees.

Aetna’s plans also offer wellness programs for employees. These programs include help quitting smoking, women’s health, coaching, mindfulness programs, and more. Aetna members can also use GetActive!SM fitness and nutrition tracker and have access to a 24/7 nurse hotline called Informed Health®.

UnitedHealthcare also offers employer-sponsored plans to small and large businesses. For more information, employers should work with UnitedHealthcare to learn more.

If you need health coverage while living or traveling abroad, employers and individuals can find plans through Aetna. UnitedHealthcare also offers international health insurance for travelers called international travel insurance.

Both Aetna and UnitedHealthcare offer many kinds of health plans to fit the needs of employers and individuals and families. As typical with health insurance, you’ll need to contact each company for specific information about costs and plans available in your area.


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