Star Rail- How to delete your account

Players who want to delete their Honkai: Star Rail accounts can find help here.

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Honkai: Star Rail is the latest game sensation from Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd developer HoYoverse. Based on a space train called the Astral Express, the game combines the gacha aspect of Japanese games with the fantasy of space monsters.

Although Honkai: Star Rail has gotten the stamp of approval from fans all over the world, some players may not like this game and may want to delete their account, or maybe some players find it too addictive and want to delete their account. to overcome addiction. Others may want to restart their Astral Express journey from level 1. And, of course, there is always the issue of device storage space, which may force some players to delete their accounts. Therefore, this article will show players how they can get rid of their Honkai: Star Rail accounts once and for all.

How to Permanently Delete a Honkai: Star Rail Account delete honkai star rail account Open Honkai: Star Rail one last time before saying goodbye. Open the menu by pressing the Esc button on PC or tapping the Phone icon on mobile. This is the only different step for PC and mobile device users. Click on the gear icon to open the settings. Once there, tap the fourth icon from the left to open Account Settings. This will take players to the User Center, which contains all information about the user’s account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Requesting Account Deletion option. Clicking it will open a confirmation window listing the risks of deleting the account. Be sure to give it a quick read before committing to the decision.

Confirmation of account deletion will freeze the account for 30 days. A mindset shift in this period allows users to log back into their accounts and reset their progress.

Potential Risks of Deleting Honkai: Star Rail Account how to delete honkai star rail account

Here are some things players should be aware of before permanently deleting their Honkai: Star Rail account:

Deleting Honkai: Star Rail account essentially means deleting all HoYoverse data as all HoYoverse games are connected to one account. Therefore, deleting the account will also delete the player’s progress in Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. After the 30-day freeze period expires, account deletion is irreversible and will strip players of all their game progress. Players will also forfeit all of their in-app purchases with no monetary refund.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for Android, iOS and PC. A PlayStation version is in development.

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