Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases New TCG Game Mode in Version 1.4

Highlights Honkai: Star Rail may introduce a trading card game mode, inspired by Genshin Impact’s successful Genius Invokation TCG mode. The leaked information suggests that the TCG mode in Star Rail will involve collecting and battling “Aether Spirits” in online matches. Players participating in the TCG-focused event may receive a reward to redeem a free four-star character in Star Rail’s Version 1.4, expected to launch on October 11.

A new leak has revealed Honkai: Star Rail may be planning to add its own TCG game mode in a future update, following in the footsteps of Genshin Impact. Since the sci-fi RPG’s launch in late April, HoYoverse has already provided plenty of different ways to experience its newest game. The Simulated Universe game mode adds a unique roguelike challenge for players to tackle and events have already added multiple management-style mini-games. Now, HoYoverse may be taking a note from its other flagship title for the next new game mode.

Genshin Impact would first launch its Genius Invokation TCG game mode with the Version 3.3 update to significant success for the HoYoverse RPG. The unique trading card game takes many recognizable elements of Genshin Impact’s combat from Elemental Reactions to Charged Attacks and incorporates them into a turn-based TCG format. HoYoverse has regularly updated the game mode adding new characters, cards, and different ways to play the game. According to recent leaks, HoYoverse is looking to leverage its success into a Honkai: Star Rail TCG.

A new leak shared by prominent HoYoverse leaker HomDGCat is teasing a TCG game mode planned for Honkai: Star Rail. Dubbed “Aetherium Wars,” the TCG is set to take a similarly sci-fi approach to the card game referring to organisms called “Aether Spirits” that players can collect and battle. According to the leak, players will use Aether Spirits in a similar function to Character Cards in Genius Invokation TCG, with players reportedly able to battle with one another in online matches. The game mode is suggested to be a permanent addition to Star Rail following the event.


The Honkai: Star Rail TCG leak also gives more information about a previously rumored free character set to appear in Version 1.4. Past leaks had suggested players will be able to acquire a free four-star character in Star Rail’s Version 1.4, offered a choice between Serval, Pela, Hook, and Luka. The TCG leak reveals that the item used to redeem the free character will be given out as a reward for participating in the TCG-focused event. Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.4 is currently expected to launch on October 11.

The addition of a new TCG mode to Honkai: Star Rail will add another way for players to experience the game’s futuristic world. Star Rail’s first major event, tasking players with managing the Everwinter City Museum, was acclaimed by fans for its robust management sim gameplay and wealth of content. The event was so popular Honkai: Star Rail would tread similar ground once again with the recently released Version 1.3’s “Aurum Alley Hustle and Bustle” event. HoYoverse will hope to replicate the success of Genius Invokation TCG with Honkai: Star Rail’s new TCG mode.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices with a PS5 version releasing in Q4 2023.

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