“Hot girl Ca Mau” Thuy Vi, Miss Tieu Vy… attracts attention with leggings

“Hot girl Ca Mau” Thuy Vi, Miss Tieu Vy… attracts attention with leggings

Friday, 11/12/2021 19:10 PM (GMT+7)

Although it is a simple item, wearing leggings has never been easy, even with Vietnamese stars.

Leggings, tights… are seemingly simple items but extremely difficult to conquer.

Fashion exercisewear, tights or leggings are always items that often appear in women’s wardrobes. Because they not only help the wearer enhance their figure, elongated legs but also because of its applicability.

However, despite being simple, wearing leggings has never been easy, even with Vietnamese stars. Because it’s tight-fitting, the material is quite thin, so it’s easy to respect the curves but it’s also easy to “report” the sensitive points of the body.

Tieu Vy also made a basic mistake with tight pants.

These pants show off the maximum body shape, but it is also easy to “show off” physical weaknesses.

Recently, Miss Tran Tieu Vy was caught wearing tight pants mixed with a very simple and close t-shirt. However, because of the tight pants and the movement, it caused her to have a rather unattractive sensitive area. Not only Tieu Vy, but this fashion mistake many other Vietnamese beauties have also made.

Or talking about the incident related to leggings, the queen Mai Phuong Thuy will definitely have lessons to remember. She had encountered problems related to this item more than once. Although possessing a standard body of 10 according to science, with these pants, Mai Phuong Thuy once failed to conquer.

Mai Phuong Thuy has become the focus of attention many times because of her unattractive pants.

For a hobbyist and connoisseur like Khanh My, but also many times get into trouble

Or Khanh My, hot girl Thuy Vi is also sometimes listed in the top stars who don’t wear well when wearing training pants and tights to show off their body. Sensitive points on the body were exposed because the material of the pants was too thin and tight.

To confidently wear tights, you should carefully check their material: not too thin and tight, just enough gloss. The most fashionable way is to combine them with an oversized shirt that goes over your butt and… take a good look in the mirror before going out.

Possessing a standard figure, Khanh My is quite confident when wearing tight training clothes.

To overcome these unexpected problems, first choose training pants with thick fabric and fit the body, not too tight.

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Even though it is a small detail, it is enough to make the whole outfit lose points if it is lack of sophistication in the selection.


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