Hot girl Thien An: “Looking at the way people wear it, people think I love it very much”

Hot girl Thien An: “Looking at the way people wear it, people think I love it very much”

Sunday, August 29, 2021 19:34 PM (GMT+7)

Le Mac Thien An is a Vietnamese-Hong Kong hybrid hot girl, impressing with her beautiful beauty and fiery fashion sense.

Le Mac Thien An was born in 1995, is a hot social network girl known to many people through a number of sitcoms such as: Addicted to typing noodles, Ox, Dandelion… She was impressed by her attractive appearance and ideal 3 round measurements: 80 – 57 – 90 (cm). Not only that, Thien An also possesses beautiful beauty and sharp facial features. The advantage of beautiful appearance helps hot girl Sai to confidently conquer the sexy fashion style with bold cut designs, showing maximum curves.

Le Mac Thien An is a Vietnamese-Hong Kong hybrid hot girl. She impresses with her beautiful beauty and fiery fashion sense.

However, this also made her fall into a bad situation, Thien An confided: “Maybe because I dress sexy, everyone thinks that I love a lot, then it must be “bad”. Honestly, at first, I was also worried but I believe in the fair eye of the audience. I dress attractively. But that doesn’t mean I’m spoiled. Good to show off, bad to cover up, I just dress well with what I have. I also don’t intend to create scandals to gain popularity. That only upsets the people around me and lowers me. the style that I’m following”.

In love with sexy fashion, Thien An was once misunderstood as a “bad girl”.

Pursuing a sexy fashion style, Thien An said that bodycon dresses, hugging the body, are her favorite items. “This is a style of dress that is both flattering and easy to wear, doesn’t need to be too sophisticated and can be suitable for many styles. You don’t have to combine with high heels, but you can also mix with sports shoes, depending on individual preferences”, she said.

Bodycon skirt is an indispensable design in every girl’s wardrobe, Thien An is no exception. She scored points thanks to the dress that was not too short, combining the details of a deep chest slit, both flattering her beautiful bust and showing off her slim waist.

In addition, in order to avoid indiscretions, in addition to cleverly choosing lingerie, she also moderates the fit gaps, creating a neat and harmonious whole. In particular, for designs with many textures, she does not mix too many accessories, avoiding the set to become cumbersome.

Falling pants are enthusiastically promoted by hot girls. She mixed wide-leg jeans with black lingerie, showing off her charming hammock.

Good to show off, bad to cover is the criteria for choosing Thien An’s costumes.

The hot girl “Addiction to typing noodles” further revealed that even at home, she dresses as neatly and neatly as possible. In particular, during the social distancing period, instead of going out to the street to take pictures like before, she will still dress up, put on makeup and take pictures at home. Many female friends think that at home, you can wear whatever you want, but Thien An doesn’t think so. Even going to coffee alone, if you dress well, it will make your mood more comfortable, happier and more comfortable. “I think, dressing well not only meets the needs of fashion but also affects emotions. If not, why would women like to wear beautiful underwear, even if it’s undergarment and no one can see it?”

For Thien An, dressing well not only meets fashion but also makes the mood more comfortable and happier.


When wearing a tight shirt, you need to pay attention to small details

Wearing a shirt, the “high-sleeve” hot girl uses a tie, cleverly covering the subtle gaps.


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