How Gaming Has Been Changed?

How Gaming Has Been Changed?

Gaming most people love to play games even no one is here right now who didn’t play games online or offline. But the gaming generation has evolved, now the game is not limited to only offline games, there are so many gaming options available on the online platform that we and you do not even know about it.

If we talk about youtube twitch streaming and other streaming platform then it has become very popular in recent times everyone wants to be extremer and enjoy different games. Many YouTube channels were growing even when people did not have employment due to send me.

What is the Future in Gaming?

here comes the main question what is the future of gaming is going to be will it survive or will it be a boom. well as I said there were so many YouTube channels grown in pandemic they don’t just cross a thousand subscribers even hit millions of subscribers and getting millions of users per day per video.

doesn’t matter people have a camera or other basic equipment even they don’t think so much and start creating videos using YouTube channel ideas without showing their face.

If we don’t look at other stemming platforms and focus only on YouTube, then we will find that the number of streaming-related traders has increased a lot on YouTube only, but 2020 was the biggest year in the history of YouTube gaming.

The Biggest Year Of Youtube Gaming IndustryYouTube doesn’t just cross 100 billion watch time hours even there were so many creators grown recently in this year. Accordingly to youtube’s official blog – 1.80000 gaming creators hit 100K subscribers. One Thousand gaming creators hit 5 million subscribers, and most importantly 350 gaming creators cross 10 million subscribers in just 2020. I think this data is enough to show how the gaming industry is booming and what the future is in gaming is.

Innovating Gaming Companies

The main reason for the growth of the gaming industry is the inventions of the gaming company. Along with technology, the game company also keeps trying to improve its game, some of these are games like GTA 5, Free Fire, Fortnite, and PUBG, which have become very famous in recent years.

Minecraft is a game that gives you the opportunity to create a world through your imagination which has been a very creative game not only for kids but also for adults too. you can create your own Palace Kingdom your planet’s house office building skies ki pers and whatever you can think just do it in Minecraft.

Every game has its own feature. If we talk about GTA 5, it is an open-world game that doesn’t stop you from doing anything. Play as a gangster in the office and you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

Free fire Fortnite and pubg all three are battle royale games but the gameplay and performance of all three are completely different which is the best match according to their user’s interest.

Should You Start a Career in Gaming?

maybe it could be a controversial commitment but that’s my personal experience and Research-based acknowledgment. Actually, we know only those people who become successful but those who are not successful, they have also worked hard.

So to say that making a career in gaming is really a successful decision is not that there are many creators who have been in this industry for a long time but people don’t know them.

But if you want to go into game development, trimming, or other gaming-related industry, then first must check related to that industry is it right for you? can you get success? and why do you want to join that industry?

The game developer is going to be a valued position in the future so if you are one of them who is interested in it make sure you do the best.


I hope now you got how gaming has been changed now and what its future is going to be. give your time do your research and make your final decision before making any random step.
also, I would love to read your decision or your thoughts on this article if you want to discuss make sure you drop a comment below it I will read that and make sure to reply as soon as I can.

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