How is Hoi An beautiful girl “transformed” after 2 years of winning the Miss Vietnam crown?

How is Hoi An beautiful girl “transformed” after 2 years of winning the Miss Vietnam crown?

Monday, 11/16/2020 14:06 PM (GMT + 7)

Tieu Vy still chose a safe path and has not really made many breakthroughs. However, the beauty of Quang Nam’s beauty “transforms” every day.

Tran Tieu Vy was crowned Miss Vietnam 2 years ago. When participating in this beauty contest, the beauty turned 18. She is the youngest candidate but is appreciated for her modern beauty, an outstanding height of 1.74m and a hot measure of 84-63-90. Tran Tieu Vy’s victory received the audience’s approval.

Tieu Vy: Hoi An beautiful girl 'molting & # 34;  How after 2 years to win the Miss Vietnam crown?  - first

At the age of 18, Tieu Vy was crowned Miss Vietnam, she is the beauty who received the greatest approval from the audience of this beauty contest.

Tieu Vy was born and raised in Hoi An, Quang Nam. From the age of 16, she moved to Ho Chi Minh City to study. She does not have a house of her own, must stay with her aunt and cousin.

In fact, Tieu Vy’s family is also well-off. Her mother owns a spa in Hoi An. As the daughter of the owner of a beauty business, Tieu Vy also inherited her mother’s beauty talent. In the first sharing when she became Miss Vietnam 2018, the young girl thanked her parents for her success and nurturing and she said that the person she wanted to meet the most was her mother.

Talking about the reason Tieu Vy had to leave her parents at the age of 16, Tieu Vy’s mother shared that her family wanted a beautiful woman to study abroad, so she moved to Ho Chi Minh City in the 11th grade. However, because she intended to take the exam. At the age of 18, he decided to stay in Vietnam. Tieu Vy shared: “I know that studying abroad is good for the future, but I am young, do not want to live alone in a foreign country. Studying in Ho Chi Minh City, I can go back to the countryside often. Besides, I also want to practice. currently the beauty contest that I have cherished since I saw Mai Phuong Thuy crowned in 2006 “.

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Miss Tieu Vy in the Miss World pageant.

As the person with the highest title in the Miss Vietnam contest, Tieu Vy was selected to join Miss World. Contesting beauty in a big competition at a young age is also a limitation for Tieu Vy. In addition, the lack of preparation time is considered a disadvantage for her at the competition. However, the beauty is still impressed by her unceasing efforts and her name in the final Top 30.

Like many previous Misses, in addition to the Miss World contest, Tieu Vy also has many other activities. During the past 2 years, Tieu Vy has not only impressed with her outstanding beauty but also by her volunteer activities. Tieu Vy actively participates in community programs, helping difficult lives such as donating blood, joining hands with director Hoang Nhat Nam to organize the Da Nang – Quang Nam music night, millions of hearts turn to raise funds. households against the COVID-19 epidemic …

Miss Vietnam 2018 confided, she changed a lot in style and constantly improved herself. With Tieu Vy, experiencing the moment of coronation and overcoming challenges has helped her grow up and become more confident.

Tieu Vy: Hoi An beautiful girl 'molting & # 34;  How after 2 years to win the Miss Vietnam crown?  - 3

The beauty of the beauty beauty has just turned twenties.

However, many viewers still expect Tran Tieu Vy, but the reality makes them not satisfied. Many opinions suggest that Tran Tieu Vy is still pale, not breakthrough.

Experiencing this, the beauty of Quang shared: “Instead of having to count how many jobs I have done, Vy wants to know if the things I do create practical value and meaning for myself. So Vy always puts her heart into everything she does. Vy thinks that only the audience can judge how Vy’s tenure is. ” Currently, when the moment of the crown transfer is about to take place, Miss Tieu Vy still feels no pressure and loss. She said: “The addition of a new beauty does not pressure even the audience put both on the scale for comparison. Because Vy has her own orientation, Vy will make the audience love. even though I am no longer the current Miss “.

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Tieu Vy is sexy, Thuy Van is less charming because of her clothes

Tieu Vy stands out in a sleek silver bodycon design. Runner Thuy Van lost points because of a fragile dress.


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