How To Handle Living Alone In College

How To Handle Living Alone In College

I am a sophomore in college I just turned 20 over the weekend and I live completely on my own. Besides the fact that I have a cat.

Living on your own can definitely be very lonely. But you have to make time to go out and do things and see friends which will help not feeling like you’re alone. I personally am busy with school most of the time so I don’t always have free time to go and do things.

My best tip is to try not to do any schoolwork at home because if you can avoid it. It can be very hard for me to focus and concentrate with so many distractions around me in my own apartment. So what I recommend is doing most of your homework at school if you have the ability to do that. This is what I do most days. I also work a part-time job which helps keep my time occupied at night so this makes it hard to get all my schoolwork done but I am handling it. What I have been doing this year is waking up early, getting ready and just going to school usually about an hour or an hour and a half before my classes begin so that I can start doing school work. Not going to bed late helps make it easier for me to get up and do the schoolwork that I was going to do before I went to bed. I’m also just really exhausted at night so been so exhausted and just going to bed a little earlier helps me wake up

It can be very fun to have roommates. I had roommates last year but it can also be very distracting. My roommates last year did not go to the school that I went to, they went to a different college in town and the workload was just a lot different and I always had so much more to do. Seeing them go out and have fun was sad for me because I was always at home doing homework. I am someone who does not live close to much family. My mom lives in another state and my dad lives in town I just don’t see him very often. So this can be also hard and the fact of living alone as well but just keep in contact with family will help.

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