How to upgrade your weapons and outfit in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

As with other Assassin’s Creeds, weapons and outfits are upgradable in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. There are three tiers to unlock per item, which improve the item’s perks as you go, and you can change their appearance. Dyes can be found and used to mix your outfits up if you get tired of boring old assassin white. With that in mind, here’s how to upgrade each item type. 

How to upgrade outfits

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To upgrade your outfits you’ll need to visit a tailor, denoted by a needle and thread icon on the map and nav bar. You’ll also need various resources to upgrade them, and you’ll no doubt have a few favourite outfits depending on their perks, so work with those first.

Leather and steel ingots are often needed and these can be bought from traders and found in loot, but the real necessity is upgrade schematics. You’ll need these bad boys if you want to upgrade any outfit, and they can be found in guarded chests, by helping people and progressing through the main storyline. 

Each outfit can be upgraded twice to level three—they all seem to start with the first tier already filled—improving your perks as you go, such as making assassinations 100% quieter, which is ideal really. 

To get new dyes you’ll need to find Enigmas, which are usually hand-drawn locations you’ll need to search for. You can also get dyes by completing contracts and helping people—it truly does pay to be nice in Mirage. Dyes will change how your outfit looks by adding accents to your gear, but it isn’t a whole transmog system or anything. You can use dyes by heading into your inventory screen and selecting an outfit.

How to upgrade weapons 

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Upgrading weapons in Mirage is a similar affair, except this time you’ll need to see a blacksmith, who you can identify on the map by the little crossed swords icon. Again, you’ll need leather, steel ingots and schematics to upgrade your sword and dagger, and you already know where to find those. 

You can also tab over and change the appearance of your weapons, should you have anything to change them to. If you purchased the deluxe edition and have the Prince of Persia bonuses, you can change the appearance of your regular sword to look like the Sand Sword if you don’t want to actually equip it. It costs 50 Dirham to change the appearance of your weapons.

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