HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits

HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 19:42 PM (GMT + 7)

HyunA leads the bold fashion style, even being criticized for being too sexy, more beautiful when not revealing.

HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits - 1

HyunA with a bold design, full body punches.

After a year of world entertainment was frozen, HyunA as well as many other artists are preparing to release music products in early 2021. In a series of promotional images for the new MV, “Korean sexy queen” Dress up personality and still retain its originality, unlike any Kpop artist.

One of the designs that make HuynA’s fans get the chance to talk about is a bodysuit, a full body cut. The circular and oval lines are cut quite sharply on the outfit, revealing the spotless white skin for the female singer. The standard, sexy body of the female singer is fully exposed, as real as wearing nothing.

The black design, revealing the white body circles of HyunA, makes the online community think of dairy cows. The black and white round spots alternate, stimulating the eyes quite strong.

HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits - 2

The design is extremely impressive, making the audience look forward to the upcoming MV for “sexy queen”.

The queen of singular outfits

Many times, the beauty is controversial because of the dangerous outfit with short pants and a low-necked shirt. When performing the choreography, the wearer was rebellious on stage. Not only that, HyunA also took actions such as revealing her shirt, flipping her skirt, and undressing her underwear openly. The “impromptu” movements during this performance were rated as less charming and controversial on social networks.

Once HyunA spoke on her personal page, after that, HyunA’s management company added that they had discussed with the artist, she herself was aware of conflicting opinions. Netizens frankly said that HyunA does not need to be bold to be sexy, even discreetly sexy.

However, HyunA’s fashion sense is quite strong and does not follow the majority, so she always believes in what she does. Ignoring the disparaging words and criticism from the online community, HuynA and her boyfriend are a couple wearing “weird” of Kpop entertainment.

HuynA’s physical beauty is the factor that helps her become a model for domestic and international lingerie brands. Every time she shows off her beautiful figure, she makes the viewers unable to help but compliment and praise with many compliments. In addition to the disparage, HuynA has a follower of nearly 15 million people and always believes in what she does, especially image building. The audience commented on HuynA’s style as well as praised his ability to improvise on stage when he encountered a costume error:

“Whatever it is, it’s great to see HyunA doing nothing bad. She still knows the limit to stop.”

“There are some strangers, HyunA’s image is sexy, but it is not completely naked. Many comments are so harsh to her.”

HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits - 3

She showed off her underwear many times when she performed on stage.

HuynA experimented with patchwork - 4

The choreography is extremely sexy and flexible, making the audience not take their eyes off.

HuynA experimented with hole-punched outfits - 6

Wearing a short skirt, a deep chest cut made HuynA to take many turns on stage.


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