“I feel beautiful, so I want to preserve my youth”

“I feel beautiful, so I want to preserve my youth”

Wednesday 9/12/2020 11:09 AM (GMT + 7)

Lilly Luta tends to be a diverse, though controversial style.

Lilly Luta: & # 34; I find myself beautiful so I want to keep youth & # 34;  - first

Lilly Luta stepped into the entertainment industry for a long time and increasingly perfected herself with a diverse style.

Lilly Luta (real name Nguyen Thi Luom) was born in 1992, known as a photo model. In addition, she also participates in acting, filming commercials. Besides the change in appearance, people also see Lilly Luta refreshing her in fashion style.

From a teenage hot girl with a “sweet candy” style, Lilly Luta is now more mature, escaping the stereotype that others identify as a “doll” with a pure, cute image.

Lilly Luta: & # 34; I find myself beautiful so I want to keep youth & # 34;  - 2

– Compared to the time when you first entered the entertainment industry, how do you feel your fashion style has changed?

Compared to before, now I feel I have a more professional view of fashion for myself, understand what I need to wear to suit different environments. And that is also the reason why I have opened a fashion shop with my own style.

A shop specializing in high-end imported goods for those who love Lilly’s style, mostly the style of banh beo, the luxury lady. I want to try and learn more about the fashion business, my future dream is to build my own designer brand that does not depend on imported goods anymore.

At first, suddenly changing the business direction, I also encountered many difficulties, but after a period of researching and learning now I also have more experience. If not falling into an epidemic situation, I think the shop has a high potential for growth.

Lilly Luta: & # 34; I find myself beautiful so I want to keep youth & # 34;  - 3

Compared with the new time of fame, Lilly Luta has a change in fashion style.

– What do you think when some people comment that Lilly Luta is getting sexier and daring?

This they commented correctly, I myself is a open-minded person with my age now that being sexy is not a matter of being too sensitive. I feel that my body is beautiful, my youth is also beautiful, so I want to develop this by taking photos so that when I am old, I will have a look back to not regret.

The important thing is that I often do not pay much attention to people’s comments, I do what I want, take my favorite photoshoots, express my personality.

– You show charming images in photo shoots, what about your everyday style, are they consistent?

People rarely see me wearing sexy clothes in real life. My everyday outfits are gentle, monochrome and discreet lady dresses. It goes against the style I usually take pictures of.

Lilly Luta: & # 34; I find myself beautiful so I want to keep youth & # 34;  - 4

– Following Lilly Luta, you can see that her “muse” style photos, but equally sexy, have gradually shaped into style. Why did you choose this style?

The gentle poetic photo shoots are my forte and also the style that I have pursued ever since. It suits my personality and face better, but different styles.

As for the combination of poetic and seductive, I think it will cause sympathy and attract viewers more than just one aspect. If only poetry will be boring and only sexy, it sometimes causes aversion to the audience.

– What do you find the most difficult thing to do when making photos like this? Are there any memories or incidents that make you unforgettable?

There is also a confusion between innocent and sexy expressions. Photographers often remind me of eye expressions more. Perhaps that’s what I often get when doing photo shoots like this. However, with the advice of the photographer I will be able to overcome it.

Probably because I was lucky so I haven’t had any problems, but I have a lot of memories to remember while taking photoshoots overseas.

Lilly Luta: & # 34; I find myself beautiful so I want to keep youth & # 34;  - 6

Lilly Luta feels that combining two opposing aspects makes the shoot more attractive.

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