“I have compensated 15 million”

“I have compensated 15 million”

Recently, the online community was stirred by the traffic accident clip that was circulated online society is related to Huynh Anh and the accusation that this actor has not yet compensated the victim for the damage adequately.

Accordingly, the incident took place on the night of February 15 on Trang Thi street (Hanoi), when he was traveling by motorbike on Trang Thi street, he hit the car door because actor Huynh Anh opened the car door and did not notice, causing an accident. As a result, one of the two motorcyclists had a broken tooth and had to get dental intervention, and the motorcycle was also damaged.

Event - Huynh Anh voiced the car door opening that caused an accident: 'I compensated 15 million'

Huynh Anh talked to the traffic police in the morning of February 15, recorded by the clip.

This person said that after the owner of a motorbike gave the invoice to repair the car, Huynh Anh refused to pay on the grounds that “the motorcycle went in the wrong lane”, even asking for the money to repair the car door. The controversial incident on social networks made many viewers criticize actor Huynh Anh.

On February 18, Huynh Anh had a long article on his personal page reporting the incident. The actor said that of the 2 members riding a motorcycle fell down, the person named D. most severely injured, swelling of the forehead and a chipped tooth.

“The family’s wish is to bring you D. go to the hospital to have an X-ray of the kneecap, a 26-leaf CT scan to check the jawbone, and check for a blood clot. This is a very normal process, only a little bit of waiting for results ”, Huynh Anh said.

He shared: “Traffic police (traffic police) and insurance came to the scene where only my wife sat there waiting with many other family members. Therefore, I also feel impatient when I have to wait for the results of CT, X-ray scan for 3 hours. Seeing with the naked eye with scarred experience like I can guess she’s completely normal, her teeth a bit chipped but still handsome. The result I guessed was correct, Đ. no problem ”.

“I will take you to the dentist of the family I open, which is also high-class dentistry, but the family price and the same amount of money you will get better porcelain. But my family did not see it as goodwill and thought that I needed to transfer some of the money immediately and I agreed. I picked up the phone and asked for the cost of making porcelain teeth from 4-7 million VND and transferred 4 million VND. They suddenly got angry and told me to transfer the change. That is the lack of goodwill and want me to deposit another million dong ”, added Huynh Anh.

As for the car, Huynh Anh said that on February 17, he received a invoice to replace all scratched components instead of repairing as agreed before.

Event - Huynh Anh voiced the car door opening that caused an accident: 'I have compensated 15 million' (Figure 2).

Huynh Anh said that he has transferred 15 million compensation to the victim.

Share with Reporter PV LawHuynh Anh said: “I transferred 15 million VND to her. Maybe because I was hot-tempered, not smart, so it was so noisy. I myself am not the one who regrets money,” roulette “, I am the person I played a car so with that money I thought I could get her to a better repair address but it was controversial. I compensated and both sides were happy. “

Next, the article’s owner accused Huynh Anh also announced: “I hope everyone does not stoned or push the incident too far, the side of Mr. Huynh Anh and his wife have apologized as well as compensated for the damage. about people and property in the last accident ”.

Huynh Anh was born in 1992 in Hanoi. He used to be a member of the Hanoi youth taekwondo team. The actor made his mark in many films such as Bi, don’t be afraid !, Angel 999, Quartet 10A8, Rainbow of love, Love of the poplar, A lifetime of grace, Running away from the youth, The stepmother’s restaurant, Spring stay …

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