If You’re Reading This, Consider This Your Sign to Sit Back And Acknowledge How Far You’ve Come

If You’re Reading This, Consider This Your Sign to Sit Back And Acknowledge How Far You’ve Come

Sometimes, our brain needs a good old’ wake-up call – but not in the way we may normally think. Do you ever find yourself so lost in the repetition of your thoughts that you don’t realize what exactly you’re thinking about yourself? Or maybe you do have an idea, but you’re so used to speaking that way and saying those things that you don’t even question it anymore.

Until, you – or someone else – catches you off-guard. You think to yourself, ‘Wait, what did I just say about myself?’, or someone else says, ‘You did not just say that about yourself…’. More often than not, it’s the second case, unfortunately, because we seem to have very little regard for our self-talk.

That’s why we need a wake-up call.

By that, I mean sitting yourself down and making a list of everything that you’ve done – every hardship overcome, every goal achieved, every unexpected turn conquered – all of it, down in writing. Seeing really is believing sometimes, and when too much time goes by without self-acknowledgment, some of our best experiences and accomplishments become a faint memory, or forgotten.

Do justice to yourself by recognizing and commemorating all that you have been.

This task is not to be overthought – there is no time span, say, within the last x years, that you have to limit yourself to. All it takes is listing out what exactly about yourself has made you proud, and don’t be shy. Everything is fair game – trying new things, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, taking the high road, getting out of a rough mental state, being kind when you were hurt, making a new friend, academic or professional achievements – all equally wonderful. Still, in the event of writer’s block (which is all-too-predictable), ask someone you know to help you out; you may be surprised at how fast they run out of fingers to count…. If that isn’t an option, then here are some from me to you:

1. You strive to be your best every day.

2. You’ve made it through all of your worst days.

3. You have a heart that truly wants to live a beautiful life.

4. You are genuinely happy for other’s success without questioning your time.

5. You are empathetic and understanding of other’s difficulties, including your own.

If nothing else, I ask that you keep at least these five things in mind, and treat yourself with the same respect that you would give to someone you love. After all, why aren’t you, too, worthy of love?

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