ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb

We have a great deal in the Geeky Gadgets Store for home automation fans, an ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb with 55% off.

The ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb normally retails for $90 and you can now get it with Geeky Gadgets deals for just $39.99, that’s a saving of 55%.
Set the mood with the ilumi A21 Bluetooth Smartbulb, a color-tunable LED light you can control and program wirelessly from your smartphone. Log onto the free app to choose from millions of colors, adjust the brightness of your lighting experience, and explore the library of amazing built-in programs. With a life expectancy of 20 years and five times the energy efficiency of a regular bulb, the A21 will optimize the way you light your life.

Here are some of the features:

Sync ilumi to pulse w/ the beat of your music
Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise lighting effect
Create, save & replay your favorite lighting scenes
Choose from millions of colors
Program your light to make it look like someone’s always home
Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room
You can find out more details about the ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb over at our deal store at the link below.

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