In addition to the 3 billion dong watch, “Vietnamese beauty national treasure” revealed what to avoid and what to wear when on television

In addition to the 3 billion dong watch, “Vietnamese beauty national treasure” revealed what to avoid and what to wear when on television

Friday, September 3, 2021 19:35 PM (GMT+7)

Runner-up Huyen My was once praised by Chinese newspapers as “Vietnam’s national treasure”, receiving countless compliments from fans when she became the MC of the sports news.

Huyen My chose a red short skirt design for the first news she led.

Huyen My became the BTV/MC for K+ TV’s sports news. She received many compliments about her beauty. The radiant and beautiful face of the queen attracts all eyes even through behind-the-scenes photos.

The runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2014 said that she feels lucky and happy to be able to do what she likes. She will stick with the job of a presenter for a long time. Because, every day she goes to work, she feels joy and interesting experiences from work.

Huyen My said that in addition to the quality of the news, the audience was also interested in the MC’s costumes when on the air. Therefore, not only her but also TV MCs in general must have a certain investment in image. Costumes will be carefully censored before filming. Besides, the sports news also has specific criteria on costumes and accessories for MC in detail.

Huyen My’s beautiful beauty was praised by Chinese newspapers as “Vietnamese beauty national treasure”.

The first outfit Huyen My chose to wear to broadcast the 1st news, but was not approved. Because, the vest has a long flap when on the air, bringing a sense of matchmaking, not neat.

According to Huyen My revealed, because it is a sports news, the dress in addition to the polite criteria needs to meet at the same time the elements of having a dynamic but feminine and youthful beauty. Business attire is the plural choice of TV MCs, but it is not suitable when placed on sports news.

In addition, the queen added, she can wear the team’s shirt on the same day to bring similarities and links to viewers.

Costumes lead to prioritize simple designs from shape, monochrome, to flatter sexy body at the most standard level.

The darkest color is green clothing, with small plaid patterns, small polka dots because it interferes with television waves. Do not wear costumes with unique designs or too many textures, distracting viewers. In addition, when investing too much in the waveguide style, viewers will not feel the closeness and sympathy.

The green outfit will overlap with the key font of the picture, causing the wave to break. As for each conductor, while filming or recording, the fact that the clothes are wrinkled and creased is the obsession of the editors/MCs.

A taboo thing that Huyen My avoids when on the air is long earrings. Even if it is just a piece of jewelry, the design is not suitable, attracts too much attention or does not match the outfit, it must be replaced.

The short-skirt outfits that both ensure the feminine, youthful and elegant elements are chosen by Huyen My to wear often when on the air.

Huyen My’s behind-the-scenes beauty received countless compliments from fans.

In addition to the time of leading the wave, Huyen My chooses to wear a simple office style to go to the office like many other girls.


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