International roaming too costly? For stingy Sara Ali khan it was so she borrowed hotspot from her hairdresser

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan, who was in Dubai for the IIFA Awards 2023, shared why she is using a hotspot instead of recharging her number with roaming pack.

By Ankita Chakravarti: Traveling abroad offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures, connect with new people, and eat delightful cuisine. However, the most disheartening bit about travelling to other countries is the exorbitant roaming charges. Without enabling international roaming or recharging your number with an international roaming package, using your mobile phone with an Indian number becomes impossible. And let me assure you, this convenience comes at a steep price. While we may assume that such issues primarily affect regular individuals, even celebrities share the disdain for these extra expenses. Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan has voiced her concerns about the high roaming charges.

There’s this viral video on Twitter featuring Sara Ali Khan during her visit to Dubai for the IIFA Awards 2023. It was posted by a user named Karishma. In the video, Sara can be seen discussing the frustrating issue of roaming charges and how she found a clever solution with the help of her hairdresser.

Sara, who is busy promoting her newly released film alongside Vicky Kaushal, reveals in the video that she’s quite thrifty with her expenses. She received a text from her producer, urging her to get an affordable roaming pack for just Rs 400 because she needed to coordinate with him and Kaushal for their film’s promotion. But here’s the twist – instead of using the regular roaming service, Sara confesses that she’s actually using a hotspot borrowed from her hairdresser. Resourceful, right?

In the video, Sara asks the interviewer whether she has an international roaming pack activated, and the reporter confirms that she does. Curious about the charges, Sara wants to know how much it costs. The reporter informs her that it’s a whopping Rs 3000 for Vodafone. Shocked by the high price tag for just one day, Sara firmly declares that she’s not willing to spend that much money. But then, the reporter comes to the rescue by sharing that there’s a one-day plan available for just Rs 400.

However, it turns out that the Vodafone roaming charges are even more for a day than what the reporter claimed in the UAE. So, for prepaid users, the one-day roaming charge in Dubai is around Rs 695. Whereas the 10-day roaming pack with 10GB of free data and unlimited incoming costs around Rs 4695. Similarly, for postpaid users, the plan with 24-hour validity costs Rs 599. It also includes unlimited data and unlimited incoming. Whereas the 10-day pack for post-paid users is priced at Rs 3999. The users get unlimited data and unlimited calling.

The Airtel roaming packs also start at Rs 649 for the postpaid users. The 10 day roaming pack is priced at Rs 3000 but does not include an unlimited data pack. With the roaming package, you get the benefit of 100 minutes per day for free local outgoing calls, incoming calls, as well as calls to India.Additionally, the package includes 20 free SMSs, allowing you to stay connected through text messages without incurring any extra charges.Incoming SMSs are unlimited, ensuring that you can receive messages from friends, family, and colleagues hassle-free while you’re abroad.â€è

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan, who was in Dubai for the IIFA Awards 2023, shared why she is using a hotspot instead of recharging her number with roaming pack.

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