Irina Shayk forced the first round to breathe in a Renaissance shirt that was criticized as “catastrophe”

Irina Shayk forced the first round to breathe in a Renaissance shirt that was criticized as “catastrophe”

Thursday, September 9, 2021 19:43 PM (GMT+7)

Irina Shayk chooses a sexy outfit when attending Bulgari’s event within the framework of New York Fashion Week.

Irina Shayk appeared at the Bulgari event in New York.

There was a time when Irina Shayk dated the football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently, Russian model Irina Shayk was present at the Bulgari x B.Zero1 event in Manhattan, New York, USA within the framework of New York Fashion Week 2021. “Ex-girlfriend CR7” chose an orange corset design to honor the first round. plump.

In particular, the PVC material of the costume makes the overall set more impressive. Combined with a corset, Irina Shayk chose to wear baggy pants with box pocket details and low waisted style. Along with that, she completed the outfit with a pair of high heel sandals.

Especially the corset design chosen by Irina Shayk to wear.

She paired it with loose-fitting low-rise pants.

Besides sexy compliments, combining costumes to create a new impression, not everyone is satisfied with Irina Shayk’s breakthrough. Some people commented: “I love Irina but this outfit is not pretty”, “Irina is beautiful but this outfit is a disaster”, “that’s ridiculous, it doesn’t fit together”,…

Some people feel her outfit combinations don’t really fit.

This is not the first time Irina Shayk has chosen to wear a corset. This type of Renaissance lingerie has a special appeal to beautiful people. It is not without reason that the above item is still popular with women.

Modern corset does not cause pain for women like traditional design but still pushes the chest, hugs the waist, showing the beauty of the body. Besides, depending on the style, each person can combine the corset with different items to bring a variety of looks.

Some styles of outfits with corsets of Irina Shayk:

Irina Shayk wore a black corset sewn with see-through fabric combined with low-rise jeans. She used a leather jacket to accentuate the outfit.

This time, Irina Shayk chose a pink corset sewn with lace with a traditional cup shape. Once again jeans are combined with a corset and a “tone sur tone” jacket.

Many times, Russian models perform corsets on the red carpet. This design makes an impression not only by the details of the see-through fabric but also by the bullet-shaped lingerie.

Sexy cowboy Irina Shayk in a corset bodysuit combined with a belt. The advantage that corset brings to a woman’s body is to enhance the charm.


This style of clothing is constantly causing controversy because of its flattering design.


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